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Aquamania (Aquaparc), AlbenaCod 2058

Aquamania aquapark is located in Albena, on the north coast. It occupies an area of 30 000 square meters. There are many and various water attractions, as provided in the summer of 2015 to be put into use the only water slide in Europe 24, Water Tornado ride. There is a special section for children.

For the children, Aquamania reveals a paradise true colors, play with creature’s spaceships and bizarre thumbnails of slides for adults as Tornado Children (Kidz Tornado) ProReysar Children (Kidz Racer), Twister Children (Kidz Twister) and Mini River children (Kidz Mini river). Thrilling water effects and fountains will, trigger the imagination of children in “Paluba spatial Turtle” (Turtle Fountain), or “lunar crater Laguna” (playground).

Climbing the way down the slides, children will discover the mysterious teleportation device “Stargate” from which will go to a fairytale world of the joys and imagination. Near children’s area is located “Bar Galactic Driver” (pool bar) the walls which extraterrestrial civilizations have left messages in languages unknown, cosmic forgotten and unknown. SPACIOUS “Tunnel Star” (snack bar 2 floors) is a crossing point for all those who have decided to relax with a cocktail on the terrace, on the shaded fresh galactic bar. “Casa Milky Way” (ice cream parlor), located near commercial shops, awaits guests with delights of ice, even at the park entrance.

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