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Belogradchik Rocks, BelograchikCod 2595

Belogradchik rocks extending over approximately 30 km long and from 3 km to 5 km wide and 200 m height. The most majestic cliffs around Belogradchik are: Madonna, The Horseman, the Kings, The student, the Lion, The Bear, Adam and Eve, The Castle. 200/5000
At 4 km away from the city from Lepenitza cave is another large group of rocks, and the most impressive piece is of them is one in the form of a dinosaur. Borovitsa rocks are about stone pine and stone bee. From the famous terrace of stone can be seen the endless panorama of peaks, cliffs, lush meadows and cold water, and crystal clear waters, and far into the calm blue are the contours of Stara Planina. The name of each rock figure is the result of popular imagination. The flora around the rocks includes many endemic species specific for the Balkans and registered into the Red Book of Bulgaria. The fauna is represented by the golden eagle, owl, little eagle, black stork, wolf, wild boar, deer, and others. In Belogradchik are several routes located close to the Belogradchik rocks and suitable for cycling.

The Forming
At the end of Paleozoic Era, about 230 million years ago, in this region are beeing deposited marine rocks. Later, they were flooded by the see, ao the bottom of which was deposited sand, gravel and clay. Over time, these materials were connected by sandy-clay solder. Therefore were formed conglomerates and sandstones. The reddish color is due to iron oxides and hydroxides. As a result of the complex tectonic cycle, folded, and because of droughts, Belogradchik region has entered into a large fissure. Under the influence of the water, winds and due to temperature fluctuations in these parts were destroyed limestones becoming cracking conglomerates.
So for millions of years, nature has created sculptures in stone with the forms of mythical creatures, people, animals and birds. Into sandstone and limestone were formed, more than 100 caves. These columns of rock have formed a natural fortress, whose defensive potential has been exploited since ancient times.

Rock legends
Here, every stone has a history and a legend full of suffering and heroism to explain the incredible beauty of the stone. Centuries ago the rocks were a monastery. Early each morning monastery bells invited the nuns to pray to God. The youngest ofthese nuns, Vitinia could not hide under the cassock her beauty. The rumor about the beauty of vitinia is spread all over the Roman Empire. When people had the right to visit the monasteries, Vitinia met with the Roman Antonio. This one had long hidden his love for the nun. But after a year, the fruit of their love is revealed. From their love a child was born. Vitinia was discovered and faced the strict judgment of the nuns. These decided to curse her and also expelled her and her child from the convent. At that moment, on the hill came Antonio on his white horse, and asked the nuns not to expelle Vitinia from the convent. And a miracle happened. Suddenly a storm beganthunders fell, the earth was shaken. The ruins of the monastery and everything was turned to stone – Rider, Monks and Vitinia, which became Madonna with the Child in her arms.

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