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Central Railway Station, RuseCod 2303

Central Railway Station, Ruse is the the largest and most beautiful in the Balkan Peninsula, as contemporaries tell about its grandiose construction. Along with the bridge over the Danube, the glass stand in the center of the station was one of the symbols of the port symbols of the Danube River, in 50s and 60s of the last century, and also – the building was most commonly depicted on old postcards in Ruse. Its construction began in 1953, according to the project of the architect in Ruse, Pinpirev, who has designed after that the Sofia central railway station, too. The Central Railway Station in Ruse was built by over 1500 enthusiasts, on an area of 12 hectares, similarly to the train station in Skopje.

Many engineers, architects and builders from Sofia from “socialist countries” and even from Italy have participated to the construction of the railway station in Ruse. This is the only station with three floors in Bulgaria, built on two levels – the platforms are 4 meters tall front the entry, arranged at the boulevard level, in front of it. The building has begun when grandiose construction of the Bridge over the Danube was performed by Bulgarians and Romanians by means of the former comunist countries fund. The enthusiasm and expectations of statesmen were really overcome because of the money raised in SIV for Danube Bridge remained a significant sum, which was used for newly built railway station in Ruse, as the architects of that time tell. In only a year and a half, the Central Railway Station in Ruse was completed and, in 1955, 3 platforms and an additional runway were put in operation. Animal market and agricultural goods in Ruse was one of „stalinist” type. Considering the perspectives that the bridge across the Danube brought to the city, a grandiose train station was necessary, too. Thus, it was then built the Central Station in Ruse, with a clock tower of 34 meters. It should be noticed by any foreigner.

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