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West Park Prista, RuseCod 2391

West Park Prista, which is at the end of Ruse is a huge dull, suitable for sports, entertainment, rest, relaxation and walks. Each year, the park is organizing folk festival Golden Rebekah. It organizes volleyball and football tournaments. As a result of the Prista is bordered by the Danube River, the park is very suitable for people whose hobby is fishing.

The park, 6 km from the city, on the road for the city of Byala, the Prista Chalet located. Built in a grove of acacia trees, it is suitable for a quiet holiday close to nature. Cabana is a massive four-storey building, with a capacity of 132 seats, distributed in rooms of 2, 4, 5 and 7 beds and apartments with 2 beds. The double rooms and suites have private bathrooms and the other on the floor. In summer Prista Chalet offers its guests additional 27 bungalows with 2, 3 and 6 beds. The visitors is a restaurant with 200 seats and cafe. Prista Chalet has parking and nearby, there is a sports ground for football and volleyball. It offers hiking conditions, Tursi on foot and by bicycle, swimming and fishing.

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