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The protected area “Ribarnitsite” (“ponds”), VetovoCod 2350

The protected area “Ribarnitsite” ( “ponds”)
Covering a total area of 511 acres and a wooded area around them, situated on the right bank in the area of Beli Lom Vetovo, Ruse county. Ponds percent privately owned and used for fishing. Wreaths are surrounded by high cliffs on the east, where the remains of a stone church. It is 3 km south of Vetovo and, to them, is reached by a paved road. The other route to the town of Tsar Kaloyan ponds is the county Razgrad – 8 km from town. Ponds is an interesting place for hiking, birdwatching and fototurism. Located in a natural setting, it is inhabited the place and used as a supply base by several species of water birds who make their nests stone.
Most interesting are the black stork, tadoma, raven, owl, buzzard, almost all species of woodpeckers. Around ponds and river otter meets. The ponds are at a distance of 3 km from the Reserve “Beli Lom” and its tampom area. Distance from it to s. Pisanets downstream, the river flow is about 5 km and is one of the most beautiful, wild and attractive places in the area “Lomului”. Dirt road stretches on the right bank and passes the vestiges of the medieval settlement “Malkoto Gradishte” ( “small settlement”). By s. PIsanets, these are means of access in the Natural Park “Rusenski Lom”.

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