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Elias Canetti’s birth house, RuseCod 2348

The house where Elias Canetti was born, which is a cultural monument, was located in the center of the city. According to researchers, the writer’s grandfather built the building early last century.

Its last owner, Lyubomir Filipov Rusenets, reports that his family has owned the house for more than 50 years. Then, his grandfather bought him some property in the country. Fostgestionată other jumărare of the house of the county administration. Regardless of diplomats austieci Interestingly, there were no offers to buy the building. Back in the house were organized visits of foreign tourists.

Address located in the courtyard of this, there is still a small house. In this small family lived Elias. This is the first son of the merchant Jean Canetti, who along with his părţinţii and two brothers, moved to Manchester. Later, he moved to Vienna.

In 2013, Ambassador Israeluui us, Shaul Camis, said the house where he was born the only winner Bulgarian laureate, Elias Canetti, str. “Gurko” in Russian, will become a museum, the idea being discussed with the Mayor of Ruse – Plamen Stoilov.

In 2015, a memorial plaque was restored to house Nobel laureate for literature, it is in Bulgarian and German.

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