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Asansyora Restaurant, RuseCod 2362

Asansyora restaurant is located in the city center. Here it was built the first elevator in the city. In the apartment you can enjoy good service, a comfortable atmosphere, pleasant music and a good kitchen.

The restaurant has 45 seats.

Here you can celebrate the special day or you can meet with dear guests. If you were satisfied, we invite you to evaluate staff and thus create more smiles.

The building where the restaurant is located was built in 1896 Asansyora, compliance Austrian project engineer. Contractors are Rosalie and Solomon Blaustein family – Hebrew, descendants of immigrants from the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Solomon Blaustein – trader and avid philatelist, visited the World Trade Fair in Chicago, Illinois, USA. There in the “palace” Bulgarian and acquaintances he met merchants rose oil – Ganyo Somov and Ganyo Balkanski and writer Aleko Konstantinov. Clearly, new technologies and advances in the industry have made a tremendous impression on the young man and he Ruse, returning to his hometown, built a commercial building that gave him the name “Chicago”. Underground opened a nightclub, and the flat roof of the building was arranged as a hanging garden – panoramic café. Undoubtedly the biggest attraction was outside the elevator mounted unit that visitors were ascended and descended by four strong hand. This is the first elevator known in Bulgaria.

Blaustein Solomon remained forever in Bulgarian literature as one of the “young Hebrew Ruse” from the travel notes of Aleko Konstantinov, “To Chicago and Back”

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