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Church of “St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel “, ArbanasiCod 2515

The Church of St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel is located in the southern part of the Arbanasi Village. The oldest part of the church was built in the XVIIth century. The recent archeological studies show that it was built on the foundation of an older church dating from the thirteenth and fourteenth. There are evidence that since XVIIIth century to XIXth century, the church was a monastery. Inside, the entire church was decorated with frescoes.

The church has a complex architectural and composition system. The entrance into the church is made from the west. The real Church id made of altar, the nave and narthex, located in series along the longitudinal axis. On the northern side is a chapel dedicated to St. Paraskeva and a spacious entry.

The altar is separated from the church by wood-carved iconostasis. In the middle of the church is a stone called St. Tron. The nave is an open plan, the southern and northern sides are some deep places for church’s singers. It is covered with a dome and a blind hemispherical dome. The narthex, the chapel “St. Paraskeva” and the entrance ar covered with massive semicylindrical vaults, fortified with a succession of arches.

The shape we see it today, the church was built in the last third of the XVIIth century. Before these, in the same place, there was a previous religios building, whose erection took place in the late sixteenth century – beginning of the seventeenth century. The reorganization carried out in the late seventeenth century, the shell of the apse and part of the east wall of the old church are included in the structure of the new church.
At the top of the western wall of the nave it was painted a scene the “Assumption”, and in the lower register are the images of Sf. Cristopher with with the Christ Child and the St. Constantine and Elena. The space above the front door is occupied by patrons of the Church – Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel, who held in their hands a model of the church.

About the time of execution of the frescoes in the nartex speaks the donor inscription, located above the front door. It can be read: “This divine and much-respected narthex of the Sf. Archangels Michael and Gabriel Monastery was covered with a decorations and and resources by Mr. Hadji Nikos Kultukli and his wife Kiriaki for the diptych in 1760, August 11 “.

According to these scenes the Akathist of Virgin there are many figures listed of holy women , female martyrs, parents – Sf. Thecla, Sf. Sunday, Sf. Theodora of Solun, Sf. Lucian, Sf. Paraskeva, St. Ana and others.

A feature of the artistic decoration of the church is using architectural forms and decorative elements that harmonize with other paintings. Thus, the organic nature is achieved, between architecture and mural painting – distinctive sign of the medieval architecture in the Orthodox churches

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