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Laguna Sporting Club, ConstanțaCod 1122

LAGUNA SPORTING CLUB is constituted as a poli-sportive structure.

The purpose of this club, founded by ex-athletes and having members collaborators of the best professionals and technicians and young professors with real skills in successfully practicing the teaching-coach profession,  is:

  1. a) to develop and educate young people and children personality, intellectually, psychologically, morally and physically plans by practicing the sport; to stimulate creativity, skills and enhance literacy of young people through sport.
  2. b) to promote better social integration of all citizens by attracting into sporting activities practicing in order to educate a healthy lifestyle and to prevent risk behaviors.
    c) to organize and manage sporting activities, to promote one or several sporting disciplines, their practice by its members and participating in activities and competitions.

In order to achieve the purpose aimed, the  LAGUNA Sporting Club, Constanta has as the business object the following activities:

  • organization and management of own sporting activity on the following branches of sports: athletics, badminton, basketball, bridge, dance, fitness, soccer, gymnastics, aerobics, gymnastics, handball, swimming, rugby, chess, Scrabble, sport for all, sport for persons with disabilities, backgammon, tennis, table tennis, volleyball,
  • discovering, selecting, initiating and preparing in the sports mentioned branches
  • organization and administration of their own sports activity;
  • organizing their own competitions and participating in other sports competitions;
  • organizing internships, camps, training camps, training and other forms of recovery;
  • organizing environmental activities and participating in another similar organization;
  • promotion, organizing competitions and participating in other competitions in other sports of the mind and logic games that can help develop sporting qualities and skills.
  • editing of web pages, magazines, leaflets, brochures and other printed materials to highlight their own activities and their dissemination to the public.


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