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Monument the Fall of The Pedestal, ConstanțaCod 1140

The statue represents a monument built by the revolutionaries from 1989, is called “The Fall of the pedestal” and refers strictly to the collapse of the communist regime.

According to the data available, the statue was designed by the sculptor Dimitri Cusa.

The Romanian Revolution from 1989 consisted of a series of protests, street battles and demonstrations which took place in Romania, between 16 and 25 December 1989, which led to the fall of the President Nicolae Ceauşescu and to the end of the communist regime from Romania. Demonstrations increasingly larger have culminated with the trial and execution of Ceauşescu spouses. Before the Romanian revolution, all other Eastern European states had passed peacefully to democracy; Romania was the only country from the Eastern Block that has gone through a violent revolution and where the communist leaders were executed.

On 22 December 1989, around noon, Nicolae and Elena Ceauşescu ran from the headquarters of the Central Committee of the Romanian Communist Party, by helicopter. After a brief stop-over in Snagov, the two were left in Titu area and taken over by the Police. Around hour 18.00, of the same day of 21 December 1989, Ceauşescu spouses were taken to a military unit in Târgovişte. In the main cities of Romania street fights were taking place.

As soon as they found out that Nicolae and Elena Ceauşescu had ran away, people from Constanţa straightened to the centers of power in the city. The platform in front of the county branch of the party, the current headquarters of Constanţa City Hall, was filled with people who began throwing stones in windows and forcing the access doors inside the building. At one point, the first secretary Michael Marina went out on the balcony and tried to calm the crowd. As he refused, several revolutionaries entered by force into the balconies.

Throughout the revolution, according to the official data, the number of deceased and mutilated by shooting before 22 December 1989 is approximately 7 times lower than the number of victims recorded thereafter. According to records from 2005, drafted by the State Secretariate for Revolutionaries’ Problems (SSRP), an institution subordinated to the Romanian Government, the total number of deceased by shooting throughout the revolution was 1142, the casualties  3138, and the number of those detained is up to 760.

In Constanţa were recorded 32 deceased and 116 injured.


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