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Monument of Romanian Sailors, ConstanțaCod 1142

The monument was completed in 2015, 70 years after the end of the World War II in Europe, in order to commemorate the memory of the sailors heroes without tomb, of the Romanian Navy, who had lost their lives and their burial place is in the  sea waters.

The building of the monument lasted nearly a century and fulfills the interwar aim of the sailors guild, supported by the Romanian Navy League.

The monument was built with the support of several institutions: the General Staff of the Navy Forces, Romanian Naval Authority, Tomis  Archdiocese, Free Trade Union of Seafarers, Romanian Naval League,  Association Admirals Club, Navy Officers League, Oil Services Group, Romanian Navy Museum, History Service of the Army, and  others.

The monument is located on the cliff of  Constanţa Casino, where several personalities who have gone down our country’s history and who loved the sea have left behind various signs attesting their connection with the water. In 1939, the monument was to be placed in front of the statue of the poet Mihai Eminescu, “on a massive with blocks foundation and defensive  stone walls,  into the sea, on the edge of the Casino promenade”.

Initially, the monument should have been erected in the area of Gate 2, where the charter is actually buried, but due to reasons relating to organization, but also to people, this was not possible anymore.

The monument was hallowed on 15 August 2002, during the centenary of the Romanian Navy Day, but the mission to honor the heroes had not been completed. The idea of ​​designing a  commemorative work would revive only during the year 1994, in Constanţa, when upon the request of more than 300 civilian and military sailors, there was established the Foundation for the Design of the Romanian Sailors Monument.

Names of more than 1.000 Romanian sailors, military and civilians, are now engraved on the marble plates surrounding the monument that was dedicated to them, proof that their sacrifice was recognized and appreciated. The inscriptions on the monument are the results of the historical researches of two of our researchers, Marian Moşneagu and Ioan Damaschin, who took out from all  records the heroes who died throughout the ages, from World War I until 1989. Here are those who died on the sea during wartime and did not have a grave.

Symbol of guild appreciation

Those who have worked on this project hope that the monument is not only an ambient one, pleasant to be seen by the passers-by, tourists and people from Constanţa, but also a symbol of the landmark and the appreciation that the sailors guild has enjoyed and still enjoys. “In order to honor the memory of the brave sailors, we, those from today,  have the duty to follow their example of sacrifice, ready at any time, when the country will require us, to fight against those who threaten our national integrity”.


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