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Paradise Land, NeptunCod 1202

Paradise Land is the first brand from the South – Eastern part of Romania who wishes to improve the adventure experience lived in a park of this kind. Situated in the Comorova forest from the Neptun resort, on a surface of two hectares, Paradise Land is the second as measure from the country, after the one from Brașov, will be opened ten months a year and will be under the emblem of the pirates. Therefore, the park’s mascot is the feared Captain Barbarossa. The concept Paradise Land has been projected in order to promote the spending of time in the middle of nature, in order to advise to sporting exercises and activities, in order to bring together friends and families for a few hours of fun and relaxation.

The time allowed fro access is of 2.5 hours, each participant being given the complete equipment for realizing the routes.

Paradise Land benefits from 14 routes with progressive difficulty, divided according to the level of difficulty and the age group. Each route is symbolized by a specific color in order to be easily recognized by the participants. The location benefits from routes with zip lines with 11 descents, a climbing board with a height of 6 meters, sporting archery and air soft, play grounds for young children, restaurant, terrace and gazebo, giving the possibility of renting bicycles for routes of 10 km through the woods.

The routes are divided according to the colors in this manner:

– white and grey are dedicated for the children without sporting abilities with the minimum age of 4 and the height of at least 80 cm;

– yellow and orange are dedicated to the beginners, children and adults, with a minimum height of 1.10 – 1.20 m;

– green are dedicated for the people with medium physical abilities, children and adults, with the minimum height between 1.30 and 1.40 m;

– blue are dedicated for the people with sporting abilities, children and adults, with a minimum height of 1.55 m;

– red and black are dedicated to the professionals, children and adults, with a minimum height of 1.60m.

These are accompanied by a zip line route which includes 10 zip lines placed at a height of 10 m.

The necessary running time for the routes is from 15 minutes to 2 hours.

The additional activities designed by the Paradise Land team combine sports, education and relaxation: the area destined for small children who cannot access the park; climbing board disposed on 4 routes; bowline cradle (original objects); cradles for small and very small children; wood houses; playground slide; rocking chair.


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