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Natura Dino Park, ConstanțaCod 1152

On an area of ​​6000 square meters are placed about 68 exhibits, starting from the age of dinosaurs, until today animals. A special section in Natura Dino Park is Haţeg island, where are exposed in life-size animals and dinosaurs that lived only in Romania.

Natura Dino Park is a theme park that focuses on the environment and paleontology, in order to inform on nature, biodiversity and ecology.

During the visit, one can see amazing dinosaurs and other extinct animals in life-size, and many other endemic species from Romania’s fauna.

Here you can follow step by step the human evolution and the influence of fossil discoveries by ancient civilizations and the link between paleontology and ancient mythology. In an attempt of awareness on the ecological conservation, the visitor will learn about the European fauna and species that are endangered today. In our exhibition, visitors will firstly see the most important dinosaurs of the strange fauna from Haţeg island, an island located on the territory where Romania is situated today, all in life-size, such as Telmatosaurus. Besides dinosaurs, the park includes unique flying reptiles such as the giant pterosaurus hatzegopteryx.

The general thematic sections are the following:

– Dinosaurs

– Dinosaurs from Haţeg Island

– Mammals Age – Ice Age

– Human evolution

– Fossils and their influence in ancient mythology

– Fauna of contemporary Europe at risk

Apart from education and entertainment, the park has as main objective the increase of consciousness on the environment. Representations – at real scale – animate the story of prehistoric animals that lived millions of years ago and disappeared because of the climate change. Theme parks contribute actively and effectively to audience information, its awareness of environmental issues, and understanding of science and addressing the past. The objectives of the educational programs of the park are, on the one hand, extended knowledge of the environment (flora – fauna), during the most important geological periods and, on the other hand, exposure of everyday human to key stages of evolution by entertainment and fun in order to create an original experience, useful and rewarding.

The program and topics chosen were designed under the scientific supervision of Evangelia Tsoukalas, Associate Professor of Paleontology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Dick Mol, scientist internationally recognized and research assistant at the University of Rotterdam, Netherlands, where he is also president of the International Club for Mammoths Research.

Natura Dino Park provides extensive knowledge on the prehistoric life, ecology and the environment, under the auspices of the Balkan Environmental Association (BENA).


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