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Radu Negru Hall, Drobeta Turnu SeverinCod 1441

Radu Negru Hall is one of the patrimony buildings in the town of Drobeta-Turnu Severin, Mehedinţi county. It is in Radu Negru Square, where many private shops are today.

The hall project was done by the city hall engineer C.I. Gabrielescu and was discussed for the first time in 1893, but the Superior Technical College rejected the request due to conception vices.

After 1893 the hall project was rediscussed annually in the city hall counsil, being redone in 1899, 1900 and 1903.

After this date, the project returned to the authorities’ dicsussion and in 1896 it ws decided that a loan be requested to raise an iron and stone hall where aliments that were not being sold from one day to another. Although the Minister of Internals agreed to the loan, the Superior Technical College rejected the project again, on the grounds that the internal booths were not properly assigned and the project did not mention a fridge where the meat could be stored.

It was only in 1903 that the project of a hall was accepted, the notice being signed by Anghel Saligny, among others. In March 1904, the Minister of Internals approved the project of the construction of the Radu Negru food hall, the aucion for the construction being sold by Scarlat Petculescu, architect from Bucharest. The works will begin in the spring of 1904 and is completed in 1905.

Although the works had some obstacles, like the fact that the architect couldn’t get the stone they wanted or a few things regarding installations, they were completed, in the end.

In 1906, in Radu Negru Hall the temporary reception took place – the commision formed to check the works reached the conclusion that the hall was executed in good conditions but there needed to be an intervention on the paving. So the problems began to e resolved and in 1907 the hall was officially open. She was open but this did not mean the modification or improvement works did not proceed. In the next years, in the building they added a vegetable hall, the aliment one was improved, as well as the fish fridge.

Building the Radu Negru hall was extremely important for Drobeta-Turnu Severin, because it represented an era in the town’s architectural development. Moreover, for a long time it was one of the referal points of city center, with city hall and the water castle.


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