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Saint Hierarch Nicholas Church – Mircea Vodă, CălărașiCod 1241

The church with the titular saint of Saint Nicholas of the congregation Mircea Vodă, with the shape of a cross, was built between the year 1909 – 1911, with the support of a committee consisting of 30 people, having as initiator Ilie Biligan. The church was consecrated in the year 1911 by His Eminence the Archbishop of Bucharest Conon Arămescu Donici. In the year 1962 the big dome was repaired, and in the year 1971 the roof of the church was rearranged. The earthquake from 1977 produced some damages, which is why in the year 1979, there were executed, according to the documentation approved by the Saint Archiepiscopate, general reparations at the covering of the church, works of chalking the exterior and the oiling of the church’s base.

Between the years 2000 – 2010, at the exterior, the old plaster was removed and re-plastered and it has been executed for the first time the exterior painting of the church.

The church with the shape of a cross is executed from brick, on a foundation of stone macadam from Dobrogea and it is covered with plate. It has two domes at the entrance on the narthex and a big dome on the nave, each provided with a metal cross. Having the dimensions of 28 m length, 6 m width, 12 m at apses, with a height of 8 m and 16 m at Pantocrator, the church creates a warm, closeness atmosphere. The church’s hallway has a rectangular shape, with an opening on the facade. The narthex is covered with a spherical calotte. The altar is semi-circular at the interior and hexagonal at the exterior, covered with a spherical calotte and separated from the nave by the wooden linden altar screen. The church’s painting has been executed for the first time in oil, in a Byzantine style, in the year 1911, the documents not reminding anything about the painter who executed the work. It has been redone in the year 1938 by the known church painter and the founder of the History Museum from Călărași, Niță Angelescu.

The works of repainting the church were confided to in the year 2004 to the painter Horvath Sebastian Răducu, who was at that time a student of the Faculty of Fine Arts from Iași, in oil, in the Neo-Byzantine style. At the exterior, on all the church’s circumference, immediately under the roof, there are painted medallions with saints.

The congregation has a functional Congregation library. The congregation organizes catechism activities with the parishioners, as well as with the students from the congregation. The Mircea Vodă congregation has a parish home constructed in the year 1932, the priest being Mihail Tiberiu and it has four rooms, of which two are occupied by the Concentration center of the goods of the cultural – national patrimony from the County of Călărași, comprising icons and old books.


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