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Saint Nicholas Church, AndolinaCod 1237

The Andolina Congregation, currently formed from the Andolina Village and part of the Ciocănești Sărbi village, the former district of the priest Alecu Zamfir, who transferred from the Ciocănești Sărbi congregation to the Andolina congregation, which was formed in the yea 1938, by the separation from the Ciocănești Sărbi congregation. Not having a church, the inhabitant of the village went to the church from the village Ciocănești Sărbi.

The church with the Saint Nicholas titular saint was built between the years 1942 – 1943 by the master Nicolae Bițică from the village Florești, county of Prahova, during the times of the priest Dumitru Mihăilescu, on the expense of the church – goers, on the land donated by the local Ion Banu. The church was dedicated in the year 1946 by the Eminence Priest Chesarie Păunescu, Bishop of Constanța.

The construction with a surface of 275 square meters has the shape of a sailing ship, with the length of 16, 5 m, the width of 6 m and the height of 6 m. The modest dimensions of the church are explained by the more reduced financial and material resources available during the war. It has a stone ground, brick walls and it is covered by zinc plate. The church has only one dome on the narthex, on which it is, assembled only one cross. The church’s painting has been executed for the first time in the year 1945 by the painter Temistocle Grigorescu from the commune Ciocănești, the expenses being covered from the congregation’s funds. It has been restored between the years 1968 – 1969 by the painter Elvira Dăscălescu – Nica. In the autumn of the year 2005, there have been started off the repainting works of the church, the work being executed by the church painter Radu Gheorghe. On the church’s exterior there are applied the medallions with the faces of some saints.

Although almost all the documents mention the rising of the church tower in the year 1960, at the inspection realized on the 25th of March 1957, the church’s cathedral dean records in the report the fact that: Recently it has been raised the wooden structure of the church tower in which it has been placed the church’s bell, this thing only with material donated by the church – goers and with their voluntary work at the diligence of the parish priest. The church tower, built from a wooden structure, coated with PFL, and covered with galvanized plate has been repaired in the year 1990, when it was coated with new fiberboard plates.

The congregation develops the following activities: weekly social program “Our daily bread”, under which 5 needy families receive bread. In the congregation there is permanently developed the program Christ shares to the children. The congregation has a Congregation library.

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