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Statue of Mihai Eminescu, ConstanțaCod 1169

The bust of Mihai Eminescu from Constanţa, cast in bronze, located near the Genoese Lighthouse, on a pedestal of travertine, with the height of 3 m, was achieved during 1930 by the sculptor Oscar Han and unveiled in August 1934 on the casino cliff,  near the sea.

On the bust pedestal, is looming the statuary face of one of the ancient muses, poetry inspiring – Terpsichore or Erato. Other commentators consider that it is Calliope, muse of epic poetry, to which the sculptor would have borrowed the face of Veronica Micle.

During June 1882, Mihai Eminescu (1850-1889) got on the bank of the Black Sea, living for ten days in the attic of the “Hôtel d’Angleterre” from Constanţa. On the place of this hotel, demolished in 1906, it is currently situated Hotel “Intim”, built during 1906-1909 on Nicolae Titulescu street, no. 9, stated as historical monument, on which facade is mounted a memorial plaque that reads as it follows:

In this place was situated “Hotel D’Angleterre,” on which attic lived for ten days during June 1882 Mihai Eminescu (1850-1889)the  Romanian national poet.

The initiative to erect a monument of Eminescu in Constanţa belonged to the teacher, writer and translator Zoe Verbiceanu, and the lawyer, journalist and poet I.N.. Roman, who had known Eminescu in his youth. The two established in 1931, a committee called “Pro-Eminescu”, which carried out for three years, a rich and useful promotion activity of Eminescu’s  work and of fundraising for  building the monument.

The inauguration of the statue took place at the  hour 13:15 on 15 August 1934, in the presence of King Carol II and of his son, the Crown Prince Michael, who were in Constanţa on the occasion of celebrating the Navy Day. During the ceremony speeches were made by the Admiral Bãlãnescu, the Minister of Public Instruction Constantin Angelescu, the academician I. Bianu and the King.

Celebrating 160 years since the birth of the poet on the southern side of the assembly of columns framing the statue was set in stone a bronze plaque with the effigy of the poet in high relief, under which is inscribed the text: IN REMEMBRANCE OF THE SEA POET, MIHAI EMINESCU, 15 JANUARY 1850 – 15 JUNE 1889 THE FOUNDER OF THE NATIONAL ROMANIAN LANGUAGE AND CONSCIOUSNESS, EVOCATIVE OF DOBRUDJA LAND, ON 160 YEARS FROM HIS BIRTH, 15 JANUARY 2010, CONSTANŢA COUNTY COUNCIL, THE CULTURAL LEAGUE FOR THE UNITY OF ALL ROMANIANS IN THE WORLD.

During March 2011, the  massive bronze effigy from the pedestal, on which was inscribed the name of the poet, has been stolen, although  in the area where is located the monument there are two posts of public guards, and behind the statue there is also a post of military police providing security for the Fleet Commandment.


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