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Church of St. Ştefan, ConstanțaCod 1089

The Church of St. Stefan began to be built in 2005, in the railway park station of Constanța, using donations from parishioners and others.

Unfortunately, the construction has not been completed to date, the financial funds have been exhausted. According to the information, the priest was involved in  various scandals, on his name being opened more cases of cheating..

The Saint Stefan or Stephanus (n. 1 – d. 35) after the New Testament was Archdeacon Jewish (Hebrew) from Jerusalem who was the first Christian martyr, condemned to death by the Jewish authorities in Jerusalem. According to the New Testament, the Saint Stefan was one of the seven men ” “filled with the Hloy Spirit and wisdom”, chosen by the apostles to meet quality of deacons. Stefan was one of Christ disciples, who followed him everywhere and who assisted directly in his works. Being chosen to lead the deacons, Saint Stephen was appointed Archdeacon.

Whereas in the early church, the deacon’s role was one much more important than in our days, the Saint Stefan  came quickly into the attention of the Pharisees,  who were unhappy that he preached Jesus’ teachings in public. Shortly after starting its mission of deacon, he was brought before the  Sanhedrin, to be accused of  blasphemy against Moses and God. Asked by the same Caiaphas who judged Jesus, how does he answer to accusations, St. Stephen gave a long speech, accusing those who wanted his destruction, in turn: ” How were your parents, so you are! Which of the prophets have not been persecuted by your father’s  And they killed those who preached before the arrival of the Just, whose dealers and murderers are you now. You, who have received the law fully ordinances of angels and did not keep it! ” (Acts of the Apostles VII, 51-53).

St. Stephen was found guilty of blasphemy and sentenced to death by stoning. After sentencing, according to the New Testament, he had a theophany, saying: ” Here I see the heavens opened, and the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of God”. He was taken outside the city, where he was stoned, becoming the first martyr – the first killed because he confessed his faith in Jesus.  Following his example, the moment of death he asks forgiveness for those who were killing him. According to the New Testament and Christian tradition, among those who have judged and who witnessed the killing, was found Saul, later converted to Christianity, who was to become St. Paul.

St. Stephen’s tomb was discovered in the year 415. Since 560 his bones are with the bones of the Roman Archdeacon Laurentius (after 258) in the crypt of the church “San Lorenzo fuori le Mura” in Rome.


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