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The Assumption of Mary Church, RadovanCod 1406

The Assumption of Mary Church from Radovan was built up in the XVIIth century, being included on the list of historical monuments from the county Dolj.

The Assumption of Mary, Mother of God is the celebration in the memory of the day in which the Virgin Mary dies. It is celebrated by the orthodox and by the Catholics every year, on the date of the 15th of August. This holiday is known among the people also under the name of Uspenia (Slavic term) or the Great Holy Mary.

About the Assumption of Mary we don’t have information in the Holy Gospels, but only in the Church Tradition. According to this tradition, the Mother of God was notified through an angel that she will depart from this life. This tradition states the fact that the Apostles, who were at that time in different parts of the world, were brought on clouds in order to be present at this event. By the divine providence, the Apostle Toma wasn’t present at the burial, arriving three days later. he asked to be opened the tomb of Mary, Mother of God to kiss her hands, but entering in the tomb, he found the fact that it was empty. This tomb was identified in Jerusalem, despite the fact that there are people who state the fact that Mary would have died in Efes, the place where she spent many years after the Rise of God.

The Orthodox Church states the fact that Virgin Mary was born with the ancestral sin and she would have received forgiveness for this sin in the moment in which she accepted to give birth to Christ.

The Assumption of Mary, Mother of God is the oldest celebration dedicated to the Holy Virgin Mary, although testimonies about her existence we don’t have until the at the beginning of the Vth century, when the cult of the Mother of God starts to develop very much, especially after the IVth Ecumenical Assembly, Assembly which decided the fact that Mary, Mother of God is the Birth – Giver of God, her cult knowing since now a very big development. In the Vth century, the celebration of the Assumption of Mary exists for certain in Syria, being mentioned in the documents dating back to this century.

In the VIth century, the celebration is also mentioned in the west, for the first time at Saint Grigorie, bishop of Tours (593 or 594), with the difference that there the Assumption of Mary was celebrated at different dates from the tradition of the East, on the 18th of January, and in some parts on the 15th of January. It seems that the generalization of the Wake of the Assumption of Mary in the East is owed to the Byzantine Emperor Mauriciu (528 – 603) which re-built the Church of the Assumption of Mary from Gethsemane and which definitely fixed also the date of the celebration on the 15th of August.

In the West, the celebration was generalized a bit later by the pope Teodor I (642 – 649), who was native from Jerusalem, and which set the date of the 15th of August as the date of celebrating the Assumption of the Immaculate Mary, as in the East.

Only the Christians from Gallia and the Egyptians celebrate until nowadays the Assumption of Mary, on the old date of its Wake, namely on the 18th of January.


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