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Saint Nicholas Church, FiliașiCod 1392

The church was built, as it is believed, at the beginning of the XVIIth century, namely between the years 1630 – 1650 and it is supposed to be founded by the family Dumitru Filișanu.

It presents the character of the constructions from the XVIIth century.

It is built from brick and whitewash in the shape of a cross. With the passing of the time it suffered some changes, in the sense that the porch was closed with brick, becoming a narthex and later on the church goers attached it a brick porch which exists even in our days.

Because throughout the distant times it suffered radical changes, the old inscription disappeared.

Until the 24th of October 1965, it was the only church from the city of Filiași, serving as church for the church – goers of the parish Filiași I, as well as for the church goers of the parish Filiași II. From that day on it was opened to the cult a new church in the area of the parish Filiași I, and this remained the parish church for the parish Filiași II.

In the year 1900, it was repaired as it can be read from an inscription situated on the southern part of the porch. During the First World War (1916 – 1918) this church was hit by a German missile, causing it serious damages and together with the invasion of the German troops, it was used a canteen, and later on as a stable.

After the finishing of the First World War, to this church there were made capital reparations and it was repainted.

Among the church goers who went to the contest for repairing church there stood out especially the old man TIBERIU AMZULESCU, specialty master who connected it in steel.

After finishing the reparations, it was re-consecrated by His Eminence the Bishop D. D. VARTOLOMEI of the eparchy of Râmnicului Noului Severin.

This church does not have valuable objects, only vassels which represent the artistic value.

In the past, the church’s yard was used as cemetery for the parish Filiași, but also by the militaries that fell in the First World War (1916 – 1918), proof being the relics and the remaining found following some diggings.

In the year 1991, the church was subjected to some reparations, being reconditioned the painting by the good will of the painter MUNTEANU TEODOR DELCEA and re-consecrated by His Eminence Metropolitan of Oltenia NESTOR VORNICESCU.

In the year 1996 the interior of the church was equipped with parquet. In the year 2000 it was covered with plates, the tower was renovated and it was redone the electrical installation. There were introduced gases in the church for heating and in the year 2003 the exterior of the church was repaired and it was surrounded with fence of pre-fabrics.

In the year 2015, through the initiative of the congregation church CROITORU MIHAI the yard of the church was paved, there was introduced a central heating on gas for heating purposes, and in the year 2016 there was built the summer altar with the titular saint THE ASSUMPTION OF MARY, MOTHER OF GOD.


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