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The Cave Ponoarele, PonoareleCod 1502

The cave Ponoarele, also known under the name of the Cave from the Bridge of God, the Cave from the Bridge, the Bridge Cave or the Cave from the Stone Bridge, it is accessible to the tourists being able to be visited throughout the entire year, it is found in an advanced state of destruction with a large number of broken stalactites and stalagmites dislocated from the fossil gallery.

The bridge cave is situated at an altitude of 337 meters. His length is of 734 meters. The cave is a hydro-geological breakthrough executed by the waters which are gathered in the Zăton Lake.

It presents two entrances of large dimensions. The principal gallery is sub-fossil, at a superior level there is found a fossil gallery.

In the interior, the cave presents a circular abyss and a dolina which have the function of overflow, in such a manner then when the level of the water from the Zaton Lake grows, the water goes up flooding the cave, for it to draw off step by step together with the dropping of the level from Zaton.

The fossil gallery presents bigger spaces being richly concretion with stalagmite domes, stalagmites, stalactites, very long drapes and fistula stalactites. The Ponoarele Cave is the work of the waters of the Zaton, which were once drained through the galleries in the same manner as under the arcade of the Natural Bridge, detached now by the rest of the cave following a collapse.

In the cave there are sheltered numerous bats from the species Myotis, Miniopterus and Rinolophus. In the period April – August, in the cave there can be met a birth colony formed by approximately 1000 bats. Because of the fact that the bats not only they are not dangerous for the people, but they also have an important role in maintaining the ecological balance, they must be protected.

The cave is protected within the natural reservation the Bridge of God from Ponoarele.

Outside the Cave from the Bridge, in the area of the bridge there can also be noticed the Zaton Bridge, situated in the area of the slope Zaton, which is also a cave of overflow (it has approximately 105 m length).

The recommended equipment for visiting the cave: boots, overalls, helmet, at least a source of light per person, groups of minimum two and maximum ten people.


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