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The Church of Saint George, Osica de SusCod 1695

St. George church dates from 1937, being listed as a historical monument, having the shape of a cross. It was built by parishioners with the support of the priest Constantin D. Ochescu.
Holy Martyr George was born in Cappadocia, of Christian parents. He lived in the time of Emperor Diocletian (Sec. IV). Because of his bravery and his victories, becomes military leader.
In year 303, Emperor Diocletian will begin to fight against Christians. There have been demolished places of worship, prohibited the gatherings of Christians, burned the holy books and those who refused to offer sacrifice to the gods were killed. Faced with this situation, St. George does not avoid to confess his faith in Christ, which is why he will be imprisoned. Will be subjected to various torments: hittings with the spear, pulled on the wheel, buried in lime, flagstone placed on the chest, etc., but no torture has not made him to renounce his faith.
Those present at these sufferings, amazed by the fact that St. George has remained unscathed and that he rose a dead, have renounced the pagan faith and have received the faith in Christ. The miracle of the resurrection of the deceased, has convinced, also the Empress Alexandra, wife of Diocletian, to embrace Christianity.
St. George was tempted with honors to offer sacrifice to the gods, but these attempts were futile. Because he has not denied the faith of Christ, St. George is sentenced to death by beheading, on April 23, year 304, remaining since then a feast day.
The iconography preserves the image of St. George riding a horse, piercing a dragon with his spear. It is about a pious legend, in which Saint George saves the city of Silena, Libya Province, terrorized by a dragon. This image of the saint remained in people’s memory as a model of courage in the fight with the devil. Is also represented in a red cape, traditional color for a martyr, but also as a pedestrian warrior or military tribune wearing patrician robes, with a metal diadem on his head, with a breastplate beneath his robe, holding a cross in his right hand and a sword in his left hand. In 1222, England’s King Richard the Lionheart, chose St. George as spiritual patron of the Royal House and of the entire country. King Edward III founded the “Order of St. George” and the Cross of Saint George became later the flag of England, “Union Jack”. Great Martyr George and is considered the protector of Georgia, Armenia, Malta, Lithuania, Serbia. Also, Saint George is the the protector of the Romanian army.

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