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The Adventist Church, SlatinaCod 1656

There are some testimonials that during the years 1930-1940, there was an organized group of Seventh-day Adventists in Slatina, but without knowing too much data about the Adventist church in that period.
The current church in Slatina was formed during 1983-1985having as core a group of about 25 members of the Adventist Church in the town Slătioara who have decided to conduct assemblies in Slatina, at the beginning in two private homes. Then the church moved to its current premises which was originally adapted for conducting divine services. Later, in 1990, it extended with a new wing of the building for worship hall and other outbuildings. The group of believers has grown so by attaching to the initial nucleus other adventists members and also by receiving newly baptized members.
Currently, the Adventist church in Slatina counts 166 members, including the two groups of believers from cities Potcoava and Izvoarele. There is a kindergarden that operates inside the church, having enrolled 24 children, of which most are from outside the church.
Starting with year 2012, was launched The Voice of Hope Radio, which emits 24/7, through which the church’s message can reach the citizens easier. Seventh-Day Adventists appeared during the first half of last century. Its doctrine has as the central point the soon coming of Jesus Christ, that will establish a kingdom of a thousand years, on earth.
In 1831, William Muller, a farmer from Massachusetts of Baptist faith began to hold occasional “sermons” where everybody talked about the soon coming of Jesus Christ, to found a kingdom of a thousand years, on earth, so he found followers that listened, believed and to followed him. Worldwide cult organization aims 80 Unions , 10 Divisions and above, the General Conference based in Washington since 1862. In 1870, Michael Czechowski (former Catholic priest) arrives in Romania and settles in Pitesti. Among the first followers, we can mention Toma Aslan and his brother, who organize a adventist group in Pitesti. Based on the information left by Toma Aslan, by 1881, the group had 13 members, and five years later was endangered. The Seventh-day Adventism penetrated, also by a group of German settlers adventists who established themselves in Dobrogea, and in 1881 formed the core of sect in the village Sarighiol. Also in Dobrogea takes refuge from Russia another Adventist Rabienco, that will organize another group making proselytism among lipoveni. By 1900 appears also in Bucharest ,the first advent group. In 1907, was founded the first Adventist Conference in our country, connecting all communities. In 1920, takes place the first congress of Seventh-day Adventists in Romania, where was decided the foundation of the “the Union of the Evangelical communities of Seventh-day Adventists,” which includes two intermediate organizational units: Conference Muntenia, based in Bucharest and Conference Moldova, based in Focsani.
In the period 1942-1944 are prohibited, then they will figure in the Law on Religions from 1948.

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