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The Church „Sfântul Ioan Botezătorul”, CaracalCod 1582

As we learn from the inscription in Cyrillic letters above the entrance, the Church Sfântul Ioan Botezătorul was „built from the foundation with the expense and trouble of gentleman master Serban Cojocario, from Craiova, and master Barbu and his wife Maria Cojocaru daughter of Ion Cojocario “  in year 1768  (leat 7276) „…by grace of the great saint Ioan Botezătoriu with the  blessing of his holiness Kir bishop of Ramnic in days of  our enlightened and over worshiped Lord, I, Alexandru Voivode…“.

Burned in 1802, it is repaired by merchant Ion Băluţă. From two other inscriptions found inside the church, we find that it required another two repairs in the second half of the nineteenth century, the most significant being executed in 1862.

On this occasion, the shape and size were changed by eliminating the two small towers and replacing them with one bell above the entrance and the central vault stoppered by rounding. Since the second repair from the 1895, remained the inscription stating that „This holy and Godly church founded in 1768 by Stefan Cojocaru of Craiova and his wife and John Starostea from Craiova, repaired in 1862 by Vasile Suditu and Sofia Cazan and others.

On 25th August 1895, repaired again the church had the money fund with the perseverance of gentlemen Ep. Vasile Suditu, Teodor Cazan, priest Marin Stanescu and teacher Radu Drosu. ”

It remains a mystery that this last inscription that repeats the history of the church does not remind anything about the repair made by  merchant Ion Băluţă after 1802. Subsequent repairs from the 1926, 1931 and 1939 led to the reinstatement value of stone sculptures that frame the entrance of the church and its windows. The painting in 1862 covers the original fresco, but it is a painting of great artistic value, with very expressive paintings, framed with ingenious and very colorful frames.

The church  „was adorned again“ in 1974, and in years 1998-1999 „the inside painting was restored [..],The outside was painted, the roof was painted and the church was adorned “. The parish priest of this church is Dinu Ion. The church Sfântul Ioan Botezătorul was included in the historical monuments list.

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