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The History Museum, MontanaCod 2098

History Museum in the town of Montana was created in 1953. For nearly six decades gathered considerable amounts of collections, were done research and promotional activities. The museum organizes not only systematic archaeological excavations, but also deals with the study of the material and spiritual culture, which gives the unique character of the region. The cultural objects owned by the museum are presented in the Mihailov House exhibition hall, the archaeological exhibition Lapidary and the old fortress. In 2003 the museum was awarded the Honorary Title of Montana City.
It is located in the town center and contains many exhibits related to the history of the region.
Today, the museum holds more than 50,000 objects. Among these are, a large collection of epigraphic monuments – “book of stone” of the ancient history of Montana, the copy of the medieval treasure Yakimovo, the treasure of silver, gold ornaments, collections of icons, books, Kilim carpets, historical weapons and more.
In possession of the museum are a number of immovable cultural monuments from the period of V-VI century BC. In the exhibition hall are presented proofs of life of the human communities in the area. It is also exposed a collection of metal and ceramic containers, ancient marble sculpture of Montana, the silver treasure from the centuries XIII-XIV C.E. and numerous icons. An original material with images reproduces the settlement from the late nineteenth century, early twentieth century.

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