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The Hydropathical Sanatorium, MangaliaCod 1200

The hydro-thermal resort of national and international interest combines the antique remains from Callatis (sec. VI b. Ch.) with the abundance of the natural therapeutic factors:

  • the sulphur, chlorinated, bicarbonate, sodium meso-thermal mineral waters (25 – 27 degrees);
  • the sea water with a total mineralization of 15,5/l;
  • the therapeutic sewage sludge extracted from lake Techirghiol;
  • the rich marine bioclimatic in saline aerosols;

This association, unique in Europe, gives to the town of Mangalia a special reputation. The sanatorium disposes of a two stars hotel, with a capacity of 200 places, two clinical sections each with 75 beds and two modern treatment bases, who serve to the sections with the beds of the sanatorium, as well as at the specialty ambulatory with a total capacity of 1000 patients per day.

– masaj: masaj manual cu nămol, cu talc sau cu unguent terapeutic;

The procedures available at the Sanatorium target:

– hydro thermotherapy: sludge wraps, warm baths with sea water, sulphur water, plants, plants with bubbles; alternative affusions; under water showers; sauna;

– hydro kinetotherapy: in pools with sulphur water or with sea water;

– massage: manual massage with sludge, with talc or with therapeutic ointment;

– electrotherapy: diapulse – high frequency pulsed currents, applicable on the metallic prostheses members, with effects of fast healing; currents of low and medium frequency, therapy with magnetic fields;

– Phototherapy: laser therapy, ultraviolet, infrared;

-lung therapy: individual aerosols with sea water, buffered sulphur water, medicinal substances;

– Gynecology treatments;

– complementary treatments: acupuncture, infiltrations, Gerovital cure.

Within this hydro-thermal resort, there can be treated different health conditions, from degenerative and inflammatory chronic rheumatism, scars following the orthopedic diseases, disorders at the level of the peripheral circulations, breathing, gynecological conditions, diseases of urologic nature. Each patient is subjected to a complete set of analysis when he arrives at the sanatorium; he is monitored during the cure so as at the final to benefit from a complex evaluation.

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