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The Memorial House Grigoriu, ConstanțaCod 1106

The memorial house Grigoriu was built in the year 1910, being projected by the architect Adolf Linz in an eclectic classicist style. Currently it is “the House of the Function” – M.A.N.

Adolf Linz is the architect who emphasizes from the architectural point of view, on Constanța of the end of the XIXth century and the beginning of the XXth century.

The historical documents certify the fact that the architect was born on the 3rd of August 1855, in the city of Brașov, in the family of Germans Iohana and Adolf Linz.

He attended the gymnasium courses in his native town, and in 1867 he attended the courses of the Arts and Occupations School from Vienne, the city in which he will come back two times, in order to continue his studies in engineering and architecture.

Becoming an employee of the company Förster Chevalier de Renke, he is assigned with supervising its construction site from the Royal Palace from Bucharest.

After he obtained the diploma as engineer and architect, Adolf Linz was employed to the Austrian office of constructions from the capital.

In the year 1891 he immigrated in Constanța, becoming an architect of the army. Therefore, in this quality, he projected barracks, constructions for storehouses and the building the Military Circle.





In parallel, he worked also for the City Hall from Constanța, as it is certified by the documents from the patrimony of the County Service Constanța of the National Archives. Therefore, on the agenda of the meeting of the Interim Commission of the Tomis town of the 18th of October 1891, at point 11, there was the request of Adolf Linz for the attribution of a separation allowance because of the fulfillment of the attributions of the occupation of engineer – architect, remained vacant.

In fact, he also was for a period of time an architect of the City Hall of Constanța, until the year 1895, for then to be able to open his own projection workshop.

Grigorie M. Grigoriu was the leader of the Armenian troops from Constanța and an elite representative of the local commercial life. He was a first help for the mayor and a counsel for the city hall between 1913 and 1920, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and president of the Merchants Assembly.

The great philanthropist supported the Church, as well as the Armenian school from Constanța. His help didn’t cease at any moment, even at the times when he was at Vienne, hospitalized. He was walked on his last road, at the Armenian cemetery from Constanța by numerous friends. “The deceased Grigore Grigoriu left to the merchant men from Constanța a luminous path on which it will always walk, because it is the path of honesty and of advancement”, were the last words of a leader of the town.


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