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Tsarevgrad Tarnov (Museum of Wax Figurines), Veliko TarnovoCod 2492

Unique for Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula tourist attraction, which opened its doors in Veliko Tirnovo on February 16, 2013.

The “Tsarevgrad Tărnov” multimedia visitor center, also known as “museum of wax figurines”, is located on hill in the heart of the old city nearby Tsarevets. In the museum, sculptures and paintings depict the historical personalities and memorable events during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. Different sides of social life in medieval Bulgarian society is depicted – leaders, clergymen, noblemen and craftsmen, soldier class, meșteșugari.
Vizitors may experiment the rich history of the Tarnovgrad city as a symbol of royalty, glory of soldier and spiritual power.
The visitors’ center contains 29 sculptures located on two floors.

Author of the concept presentation of historical figurines is Boris Borisov. Scenes are recreated from Bulgaria Middle Age and especially the greatness of the city Tarnovgrad during the Asenevtsi Dynasty period.

Among them, Tsar Ivan Asen the IInd and his wife Irina Komnina, as well as the tsar Caloian. A total surface of 870 square meters, is still there-alive but one scene shows the capture of Baldwin Flandarski, shows the nobles in their houses, patriarchs, artisans. The exhibit in the ceramics workshop shows the way of live, the mint, armory, porthole and others. A lavish decor and murals is the Bulgarian kings throne room. There are two compositions submitted for tsar Kaloyan – crowning the ruler by the Cardinal Pontiff Lion and the Adrianopole Battle in 1205, and many other historical scenes, representing reenactments of living of that time.

The concept of the museum is built on several key areas – king’s presentation and military glory, and spirituality – books of painting and handicrafts development.

There are 5 touch screens in the visitors center with information for tourists about the Second bulgarian Empire, and a multimedia room for movies about the glorious history of the city Tirnovo.

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