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Vidin’s Regional Library, VidinCod 2609

Regional library “Georgiev Mihalachi” in Vidin is currently housed in the former building of the Party Çadır in Central Square on Bd. Dobrich № 1. Today is the largest scientific library, publicly available from Vidin region.
The library is founded in 1870, in the town library when there were established the library hall and reading room, with a donation from the Russian consulate, including 174 books, stored in its funds today. Initially, the library is housed in the Theatre “Vida” and after the Liberation was moved to secondary school “Antim I”.
The first paid curator was appointed in 1925. The first attempts to create a catalog of the fund was done in 1953. As from April 1st, 1959 after the new administrative division of the country, becomes methodically the Regional Library. In that year was marked the beginning of a differentiated service to readers. In 1965, is introduced free access for readers and initiated a separate department for children. Its activities are expanding, although departments are spread in two buildings. In 1989, the library team was awarded with the “Cyril and Methodius” first degree in 1991, the library received a large material gain – part of the former headquarters of the party is given for use. So all library departments are located in a building. Thus it becomes possible to extend a reading room. There are founded the following reading rooms: “Humanistic” “Exact and applied Sciences”, “Regular”, “Art and Music”, “Children’s Reading Room”, with a total of 70 seats readers.
Regional library “Mihalachi Georgiev” is the single largest bibliographic and informational library from the center of Vidin region. We have here the development of broad-spectrum activity, methodical work with community centers and 70 school libraries of the region, the publication in domains like Librarianship, bibliography and scientific information. There is an archive of local and national media.
It develops rich cultural activities, funds and propaganda achievements of national and world culture.The library fund consists of 278 705 library documents. They are written on cards and electronic catalogs.

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