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Bike Trail Belogradchik-Dubravka-Veshtitsa-RabishaCod 2683

Distance is 22 km, the total travel + 352 m, -656 m; Intermediary level.The route starts from the fortress, a small monument after the castle, and goes exactly through the pine forest. After a short walk follows the steep trails, on the right after the intersection. The route passes by the main ridge, there are small ascents and descents. Finally goes down to the village of Dubravka. After crossing over the bottom, near the farm, go to the left. When you arrive to the asphalted road cross it directly. Then you reach the asphalt intersection just near the village Struindol. Go to the right and arrive in the village center at the stone cross near a wild pear tree. From there, turn left towards west to Rabisha. Shortly after leaving the village you will see a road on the right. Go down this road, which is paved with asphalt but in very poor condition, which later ends and turns into a long trail through the beech forest. This will take you to Rabisha. Near the village you can visit the Magura cave, known worldwide for its prehistoric paintings and majestic halls and from it you will see Rabisha Lake – a beautiful place for a picnic, swimming and tent camping.

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