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Church of St. Emperors Constantine and Helen, CernavodaCod 1070

The Church construction was carried out between 1882-1895 in Byzantine style, in the shape of a cross, with a large dome in the middle, of stone, brick and covered with tin. Iconostasis, the pulpit with pews are carved in oak. The church’s painting, in frescoes, is the work of the renowned painter Vermont and is made in the Byzantine style. During the war in 1916-1918, the church has undergone great damages and transformations from the enemies side, who have  entered horses in the church and made fire. After the war, the priest Ioan Ciocan has restored  it and re-consecrated it in1936. Under the leadership of the priest Constantin Coada and of the priest Teodor Samoila he washed the painting, which preserved the original character of the painting made by Vermont. Except for the tower,  which is completely the work of Ioanid, many icons are executed by Vermont the artist, others by Ionescu the painter, others donated by some church’s believers. Much of the icons come from the old church such as: “St. Nicholas” in 1864, “St. John the Baptist” in 1895 and “Jesus Christ” in 1895. In 1952 the church was repainted by the painter I.Taflan under the leadership of church singers Anghelescu Nicolae and Tudorache Vasile. Above the doors of the entrance lies the next inscription: “It was built this Holy and Divine Churh dedicated to the Saints Emperors Constantine and Helena with Mr. Athanasie Rădulescu and his wife toil and his children Catherine and Constantin and other pious Christians, who were willing to help, according to their powers, as well as with the strong support of the Mr. Ministry of Religious Affairs, Tache Ionescu.

The foundation was laid in 1882, and finished in 1895, on the Metropolitan Bucharest Seat being  His Eminence Metropolitan of Romania, D. D. Ghenadie and the Diocese of Lower Danube, His Grace D. D. Partenie.

In 2001 the restoration of the place of worship were made by painters Nicolae Badiu and Cristian Olteanu.

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