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The Syndicates Cultural Center, ConstanțaCod 1105

The Syndicates Cultural Center, one of the newest and the most elegant architecture constructions from the perimeter of the city of Constanța, has been executed between the years 1976 and 1983, according to the project of the architect K. Ghengiomer.

The construction has been executed by the General Union of the Syndicates from Romania, on the land given to free use, by a presidential decree, by Nicolae Ceaușeșcu.

The building disposes of two auditoriums, which can also be used for other purposes (meetings, festivities, business meetings, etc.). The big auditorium is equipped with 735 seats, sound system – 10.000 w (Bayern, Shure, Sennheizer microphones) and lighting systems – 150 projectors PAR 64. The small auditorium disposes of 175 seats.

The construction represents a balanced combination between the bold lines of the contemporary architecture and elements of the arts of the traditional Romanian constructions.

The suspended balcony on columns, reminds about the brâncovenesc porch.

The general aspect is completed with an esplanade, plated with travertine and marble, on which it raises the monument of the independence heroes.

The Building of the Syndicates Cultural Center, the esplanade and the park are perfectly harmonized with the apartment ensemble, from the surroundings, with which it forms a uniform whole.

The inauguration of the artistic activity from this construction took place on the 4th of January 1984 with the work Mam’ Zelle Nitouche, a comic opera in two acts composed by Florimond Ronger – Hervé according to the opera written by Henri Meilhac and Albert Millaud.

The Park of the Cultural Center, situated on the northern side of it, was arranged starting with the year 1985, comprising a wide space in which there were planted valuable ornamental species.

On the scene of the Cultural Center there were present renown artists, such as Olga Tudorache, Tamara Buciuceanu, Radu Beligan, Victor Rebengiuc, Florin Piersic, Dan Puric, Ştefan Radof, , Horaţiu Mălăele, Tudor Gheorghe or the regretted Gheorghe Dinică, and the people from Constanța could also assist, throughout the years, to symphonic pop – rock concerts or at ballet representations.

Here there were also made diverse classes for children and young people. Only three of them survived: of mandolin, dance-sport and modern dance.

In this place, there also took place for the first time the show on ice.


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