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Intim Hotel, ConstanțaCod 1135

Initially there was the hotel d’Angleterre entered the city’s memory by its receptions spent there. The central newspapers of that time were described the balls taking place at the hotel, and the ladies toilets which were gorgeous. The hotel housed mostly Englishmen who came with official missions.

Later  the Hotel Regina was built at the beginning of the past century, becoming in the interwar one of the most popular places. This time, the hotel owner appears in some documents as Theiler. Construction works  have been closely followed by the architect Daniel Renard. The hotel have one basement, two floors and an attic.

The location has 21 rooms each of them with private bathroom. The total area was 1,650 square meters and he had to use a home of 935 square meters. Elegant and with a beautiful summer garden,  the hotel was the favorite location for royal banquets. The building is made in eclectic style with elements of Art Nouveau and the Neo-Classical structure of the main façade.

During the communism its name was changed  in Intim. The hotel belonged to the brothers Toma and Mihail Tirpa, who bought it in 1923, from Gheorghe Eftimiu, a anker and owner from Bucharest. In 1928, following an action for partition, the hotel returned to Tomas Tirpa. During the communism  it became the state property.

After 1990, the hotel came into possession of two companies. In 1998 the heirs claimed the hotel and after many trials, in 2004, the two heirs, Angela and Elizabeth Tirpa, both established in Bucharest, won the hotel that belonged to their father. The hotel  remained closed and was degraded from day to day. The house has a basement, two floors and attic, 21 rooms with private bathroom. The building has a decorative Art Nouveau, elements, as does the Casino.

The Hotel became famous due to  Mihai Eminescu , who arrived here for 10 days in June 1882.  By his passage through these places reminds a plate located on the hotel’s façade that has not received tourists from the 90s. From here, Eminescu wrote to Veronica Micle.

Over time the image of the hotel was “tainted” by a story that manages to enter this building into Top 10 Most haunted hotels in Romania. A neighbor tells how a young orphan suffering from leukemia died in one of the hotel rooms. Without any  relative, the hotels employee  they dealt with the funeral, then they stored  her things in the basement. But for a long time, over night, her things reappeared before her room where she had lived. Someone else said that the ghost could be Mihai Eminescu, who always wanted to review the sea with his girlfriend. Therefore the phantasm appears in the summer nights on the terrace where he formerly looked to the sea, making plans for his next visit in Constanta, that ought to do it alongside Veronica Micle.


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