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Ioan Rusu Monastery, SloboziaCod 1061

The st Ioan Rusul Monastrey has been founded on 1st of November 2008 on the ruins of a former military unit of the Police Border in Giurgiu.  It is located outside Slobozia, a commune located just a few steps from the Danube. Nearby is a centuries-old oak forest, today in possession of the newly established monastery.

Grown up inside the Skete of Darvari in Bucharest, with the blessing of the Bishop of Giurgiu, abbot of the Monastery  the Saint Ioan Rusul proceeded to launch, on  20 of November 2008, of the first construction works  of the monahic seat.  On December 26, 2008, he held here the first service in the chapel recently improved.

In about one month, working with 6 teams of craftsmen came from Piatra Neamt, a chapel dedicated to St.  Ioan Rusul has been arranged and also a wing of the building on the ground floor with a dining room for 50 people with kitchen and upstairs six cells each with its bathroom.

The chapel’s iconostasis carved in oak wood is a handmade in Piatra Neamt and adorned with old icons from XVIII century were transferred from the Diocese Museum and also the little houses belonged to the monastery located on the right shore of the Arges River, on the road  descending from Targoviste to Giurgiu, in the village with the same name. On the white painted walls are found two royal icons received from the monastery mentioned above.

The monastery has parts of the relics of Saints: St Ioan Rusul, Sf. Hierarch Nicholas, Sf. John Chrysostom,  Sf. Silouan the Athonite, St. Hierarch Elefterie, St. Macarius from Pecerska, St. Haralambos Hierarch, St. Gerasimos of Jordan, St. Polycarp of Smyrna, St. Catherine the Great Martyr  and parts of other great saints.

The monastery is the first one in the country built in the honor of Ioan Rusul.  Being a soldier, the Saint has chosen a former military unit,  as his office of worship, a by dwelling among the soldiers of Christ who are nuns.

The area is very poor, both materially and especially spiritually, being harsh over time especially in the absence of monasteries; this new shrine is the eighth monastery, newly established in the county..


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