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The Annunciation of the Lord Monastery, Bolintin-ValeCod 1016

In Muntenia, there was a geographical space, around the city Bolintin-Vale, which was situated, throughout the history, at the crossroads and borders of the counties Vlașca, Teleorman, Dâmbovița, Ilfov and Giurgiu. This place, as in a real “country of rivers”, is bathed by the waters of Sabar, Argeș, Ilfovăț, Neajlov and Dâmbovnic. The archeological research accentuate the fact that on this Romanian slice of Heaven, situated some time ago in the forest of Vlăsia, there existed communities of people, from the oldest times. Back then, there continued over the centuries also numerous places of worship of our orthodox faith. The holy churches exist even now, but concerning the monastic establishments which existed in this part of Muntenia, there are kept little information.

The charters and the historical documents show the fact that in this geographical perimeter there were found seven monastic establishments: the Annunciation of the Lord Monastery from Bolintin (certified in the year 1433), the Babele Monastery (certified in the year 1457), the Monastery Căscioarele (certified in the year 1507), the Monastery Strâmbu (Găiseni – certified in the year 1510), the Monastery Roata (certified in the year 1668), the Skete Radu Vodă (Pădureni).

Concerning the Annunciation of the Lord Monastery from the Big Forrest from Bolintin, it is known the fact that it was founded by Pilea the logothete during the reign of Mircea I of Wallachia and of his son, Michael.

A clear reference to the founder of the holy place of worship appears in the charter given by Alexandru Aldea Coconul for the monastery which was built up from its grounds by the defunct Pilea the logothete.

Pilea the logothete had this occupation during the reign of Mircea I of Wallachia, great guardian and church founder, as well as in the short reign of his son, Michael. This thing will make the monastic establishment to also receive from the princes which will follow a special attention, being situated between the great monastery founders from the same period. Therefore, in the following centuries, few are the princes who will not give attention to the Monastery from Bolintin.

On the 15th of March 1433, Alexandru Aldea issues the first charter which certifies the existence of the monastery: “1433 (6941) March – Târgoviște – the Charter of Alexandru, great voivode, which he gives to the monastery from the Great Forrest, where it is situated the Annunciation of the Lord, over the water of Argeș, against Bucșanilor, to be the village Bolintin half, i proci.”

To the monastery from Bolintin there were made donations and strengthening the estates, which spread especially over the villages Ogrezeni, Malu – Spart, Bucșani and Bolintin, when you pass over the water of Argeș, on the valley of the river Ilfovăț, up to the water of the river Răstoaca (Sabar). We meet these estates in turn in the charters given with curse by the princes of Wallachia, as belonging to the monastery.

Because of its location in a place with ranky grounds, the monastery, for a long period of time, led to the prosper existence, being also sheltered in the middle of the forrest from Bolintin or the Great Forrest.

After the reign of Michael the Brave, in the year 1605, under the growing Turkish threat, the monks from the Annunciation of Lord monastery buried the precious things from the monastery.

Starting with the year 1651, the estates of the monastery are taken over by the Monastery Mihai – Vodă from Bucharest, but only starting with 1747 will enter by right in the possession of the lands of the former monastery from Bolintin by the “wish of the prince”, which will administer until the secularization of the monastery fortunes in 1864.

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