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The Assumption of Mary Church, BudeniCod 1015

The church was built around the year 1882 and it has as a titular saint the Assumption of Mary.

The shape of the church is the type of a cross.

In the Byzantine icons and in the occidental medieval art, it is sometimes met the image of Mother of Jesus on the death bed, surrounded by the apostles which were suffering and praying together with her. This scene seems to derive from the numerous apocryphal writings which described thoroughly the last days spent of earth by the Holy Virgin Mary, her death, the burial, the resurrection and her ascension at heaven.

Version of these stories or legends survived in the Syrian and Greek texts dating back to a period comprised between the IIIrd and the fifth century. The Emperor Mauricius (582 – 602) consecrated the date of the 15th of August to the celebration of the Assumption of Mary, Mother of Jesus (“Koimesis” or “to fall asleep”) throughout the entire Byzantine Church, this day of celebration of the death of the Holy Virgin Mary being also adopted at the end of the seventh century by the Roman church. Together with the official entrance of this celebration in the church calendars, the narrations related to it made their way to the sermons, doctrines and religious artistic works.

In an early Greek sermon which celebrated the Assumption of Mary, Mother of Jesus, the bishop Joan of Thessaloniki (610 – 649) pretended to pick up different confessions of her death, which only described what really happened back them. According to this version, an angel of God announced the Holy Virgin Mary that she was going to die three days later. She called her family and friends to stay together with her for two nights, asking them to sing anthems instead of singing sad songs. The Holly Apostle Joan also appeared, followed by the others apostles, all being carried there on clouds from all around the world. During the second night, the Holy Apostle Peter preached, advising all the present ones to “take courage” from the Mother of Jesus and to lead a life full of virtue in expecting their own death. The second day, while the Holy Virgin Mary was lying in bed, Jesus came to her accompanied by numerous angels. When God, having near Him the Archangel Michael, entered into her room, “The Holy Mary felt that her life reached a level of fulfillment, her face aiming smiling at Jesus. Then, God took her soul and put it into the hands of the Archangel Michael.”

There followed the burial, which was slightly delayed by a headman of Jewish priests, who were out of their wits, which darted full of anger at the coffin; his hands clenched at the catafalque, being cut in an instant, until he repented and his arms were connected again to his body, being completely healed. Three days after the burial, the apostles opened the coffin of the Mother of God, “but they couldn’t find anything else but her burial clothes; because she was taken by Christ, the God which became flesh from her flesh, in order to take her at the place of eternal legacy, always alive.”

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