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National Theatre, CaracalCod 1598

The edifice of the theatre in Caracal, built between 1896-1901 in eclectic style with neo-baroque and neo-Renaissance accents, impresses by its massiveness and decorative richness. The theater was done by austrian architect Franz Billek, after its plans drawn up in Bucharest in May 1896. As far as we know, this is the only building designed by the architect Billeck in the Kingdom. The entrepreneur was the italian Spaulenzi Mariani.

North and south facades keep the decorative elements of the  east facade, but putting them into practice in a different way. The columns used become pilasters without capitel, the moving window is bordered by two mascheroni. Cornice crown ends with a triangular gable. The lantern over the access stairs to the balcony is of sheet metal. The building is of brick, on windows and doors were used as lintels narrow railway tracks.

In treating interior spaces, focus has been on the main lobby. From the archetype has been eliminated the monumental scale of honor. Access to the balcony is via two lateral staircases, of stone. The original painting was not preserved, today the interiors were completely painted . The second floor has three small windows and a cornice on consoles, with a trafor made of plaster with plant motifs having as  emblem the lyre. Initially, on the cornice were four statues representing the muses: Calliope, Eutherpe, Thalia and Terpsichore, replaced in 1959. (Source The Caracal’s monography , National Journal). We mention briefly some of the artists who have ennobled this scene: brilliant violinist George Enescu gave several concertsMrs. general Averescu mouth sang for charity concerts. Then: Aristiţa Romanescu, Agata Bârsescu, Sturza, Filotti, Marioara Voiculescu, C. Notara, Brezeanu, Liciu, Soreanu, Lecca, Davila, Demetriad, Bulandra, Creţu, Anestin, Radovici, Manolescu, Storin, Ciprian, George Vraca, Grigore Vasiliu Birlic, Dina Cocea, Tantzi Cocea, Fory Eterle, Aurel Rogalschi, Eugenia Zaharia, Vasile Creţoiu, Ovidiu Rocoş, Remus Comăneanu, Manu Nedeianu etc. In opera and operetta: Băjenaru, Niculescu-Basu, Atanasiu, Nora Marinescu, Tănase etc. Marii savanţi: Iorga, Pârvan, I. Ştefănescu kept conferences, as well as Tache Ionescu, Xenopol, Mircescu, political conferences. Great figures of science, literatre and art: Nicolae Iorga, Vasile Pârvan, Xenopol, Octavian Goga, great politicians, like Tache Ionescu, Nicolae Titulescu have lectured for the prosperity of romanian people and culture, but also for the fulfillment of their great dream since forever to unify Romania Mare.

Caracal has its own theater troupe under the name City Theatre, with uninterrupted service for over 60 years, a team of amateurs, is true, but with a repertoire signed by professional directors with theatrical performances for all tastes and for any age. National Theatre helds annually the National Theater Festival “Stefan Iordache”, Comedy Festival of unprofessional theaters,  Theatre Festival and Short Film for Youth “fesTin” the permanent seasonof  Municipal Theatre, theater, music, entertainment, symposiums, conferences, exhibitions etc.

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