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Saint George Monastery, GiurgiuCod 1027

Saint George Monastery was built up in the year 2006, when, soon after the seating on the bishop chair from Giurgiu, loving of the monastic life, His Grace the Priest Dr. Ambrozie, the Bishop of Giurgiu decided to establish a monastery of nuns, the only one from the eparchy, his building up being executed with […]

Giurgiu FortressCod 1026

According to data held it was believed that the city of Giurgiu was built in the fourteenth century by the Genoese, at one of the main fords of the Lower Danube. The assertion was based on the assumption that the name was derived from San Giorgio’s patron of Genoa (AT Laurian, Istriana …, p. 67; […]

The Adventist Church, GăujaniCod 1025

According to the statistical data, 2.98% of the population of the commune Găujani is Adventists of the seventh day. In order to come into the support of the citizens who embrace this religion, there was built in the village an Adventist church. The first Adventist missionary on the current territory of Romania was a former […]

Assumption Of Mary Church, GaujaniCod 1024

Across de Valley, on the Broad Lane were the ancient Gaujani’s village limits. Here also was the old church of the village, over 300 years old, that lasted until the winter of 1962, when the roof itself was damaged –  it crashed due to snow. This church has served the  worship until 1988 when the […]

Church of St. Ecaterina, FratestiCod 1023

The monument of Parish Church from  Fratesti, county of Giurgiu celebrates its patron saint of Holy Martyr Catherine. The halidom was built after the Romanian Independence War and was consecrated in 1980. Every year, on the celebration of the patron saint, the believers have the opportunity to worship the relics of the Great Martyr Saint […]

The Village Museum, FratestiCod 1022

Founded in 1978, The Village Museum from Fratesti, county of Giurgiu was symbolically called “Dacia School Museum”. It comprises a collection of flint tools, pottery from the Iron Age (Hallstatt and La Tene), tools and Iron Age ornaments, all of them discovered by archaeological excavations made in the village and in its neighborhood, also agricultural […]

The monument for the heroes, DobreniCod 1021

The monument was built up in the memory of the ones who lost their lives in the war for the independence and in the First World War. Following the war for the independence, Romania achieved the independence against the Ottoman Empire. On the 16th of April 1877, the United Principalities and the Russian Empire signed […]

The Assumption of Virgin Mary Church, DobreniCod 1020

Errected by Constantin Serban Basarab, the Saint place of worship from Dobreni Village was built between 1642-1646 , inaugurated on 15 August 1645 and  dedicated to “Assumption”. Constantin Serban Basarab, also called  the Snub-Nosed (had his nose cut), was  the ruler of Wallachia between 19 of April 1654 – 26th of January 1658. Located on […]

Saint Pious Parascheva Church , DarastiCod 1019

“Pious Parascheva” Church is a place of worship, built in the year 1873, in the shape of a cross and it is situated in the premises of the village cemetery. The titular saint of the church is the Saint Pious Parascheva. Saint Parascheva was born in the XIth century, in the village Epivat from Tracia, […]

Saint Elijah Church, Stone CrossCod 1018

Saint Elijah Church from the Stone Cross was built in the year 1938, on the expense of Ilie Stoian and of his wife, Aneta. The church was built up for the eternal memorial of the heroes who hell in the fight against the pagans, for defending the country and of the ancestral faith. The church […]