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Ion Maiorescu High School, GiurgiuCod 1035

Ion Maiorescu High School is an educational institution which since 1895 has the status of college. The National Colledge „Ion Maiorescu” is a historical  personality of the Giurgiu education and appeared as a necessity of education for young people in this area in the late nineteenth century, in 1869 respectively. Since then and until now […]

The Statue of Nicolae Iorga, GiurgiuCod 1034

The statue was built up in the memory of Nicolae Iorga, important personality for the Romanians. Nicolae Iorga (born Nicu N. Iorga, born on the 5th of June 1871, Botoșani – deceased on the 27th of November 1940, Strejnic, county of Prahova) was a historian, literary critic, curator, poet, encyclopedist,  memoirist, minister, congressman, prime-minister, university […]

The Church of The Assumption of Mary, GiurgiuCod 1033

The specialty papers, records that the Church dedicated to the Assumption of Mary was built between 1840-1852  right in the place where it can be seen today. The church plan is basilically style, with towers on the nave and a porch, built of red brick with lime mortar on a stone foundation. This stone used […]

The Clockmaker Tower, GiurgiuCod 1032

The Clockmaker Tower is a relic of the period when the Ottoman Empire had the control over the Danube port. Bearer of a public clock, the tower was the highest construction in town at the time, arranged in the geometrical center of the territory, now considered to be a rarity. The tower was under Turkish […]

The Giurgiu County Council, GiurgiuCod 1031

The county council of Giurgiu is the authority of the local public administration from Romania, constituted at the county level, for the coordination of the activity of the commune and city councils, in order to perform the public services of county interest. The county council is composed of counsels chosen by universal, equal, direct, secret […]

The Statue of Vlad Tepes, GiurgiuCod 1030

It was built in 1976 in the memory of Vlad Țepes. Vlad Țepes was born in Sighisoara Fortress in the Transylvanian Principality as the son of Vlad Dracul and a Transylvanian noble woman. He was married three times: first with a Transylvanian noble woman – Cneajna Bathory, then with Jusztina Szilagyi and then with Ilona Nelipic, […]

The City Hall from GiurgiuCod 1029

The city hall from Giurgiu, a building built up in 1936, functioned as “Hostel for apprentices” and boarding house for the students from the Fishing, Pisciculture and Marine School. It is an important building for the town planning from Giurgiu, and currently, by its rehabilitation and modernizing at European standards, it became the head office […]

The Triumph Statue, GiurgiuCod 1028

Executed in 1973 by the famous sculptor Oscar Han, it symbolizes the peace between the people. The statue was placed at the entrance in the city in the year 1990 and it represents a woman bearing a crown of laurels and a torch. Oscar Han (born on the 3rd of December 1891, Bucharest – deceased […]

Saint George Monastery, GiurgiuCod 1027

Saint George Monastery was built up in the year 2006, when, soon after the seating on the bishop chair from Giurgiu, loving of the monastic life, His Grace the Priest Dr. Ambrozie, the Bishop of Giurgiu decided to establish a monastery of nuns, the only one from the eparchy, his building up being executed with […]

Giurgiu FortressCod 1026

According to data held it was believed that the city of Giurgiu was built in the fourteenth century by the Genoese, at one of the main fords of the Lower Danube. The assertion was based on the assumption that the name was derived from San Giorgio’s patron of Genoa (AT Laurian, Istriana …, p. 67; […]