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The Monument of the Heroes, GiurgiuCod 1055

The ensemble comprises a series of monuments which have been dedicated to all the heroes who lost their lives in the fights which took place on the territory of the Romanian country. Initially there have been built up two monuments at the initiative of the inhabitants in the year 1905 in the memory of the […]

Saint John the Baptist Church, MaluCod 1054

The church was built up in the year 1846. The expenses associated with the construction of the church were made from the incomes of the domain Giurgiu – the domain on which it is situated the village Malu. This fact is recorded in the inscription dug on the wall from the church’s passage in which […]

The Hulubești ChurchCod 1053

The parish church is located in the village cemetery. The history says that the church is built on the site of another older wooden church, of whose icons are still there and can be seen  they were donated to the Tangiru parish, county of Giurgiu for the Church, Mirau subsidiary. Thus, around 1877, the parishioners […]

The Architectural Ensemble Udriște-Năsturel, HerăștiCod 1052

The stone house is the only monument of civil Romanian architecture, built up entirely, in the interior, as well as at the exterior, of grinded stone. It is said that the stone was brought from the Danube, with the canoes from Rusciuc (Ruse). The stone house or better known as being the Palace Udriște Năsturel […]

Church St. Archangels, HerestiCod 1051

The Church of „Saints Archangels Michael and Gabriel” is is close to the “Stone House” built by brothers Udriste, and Cazan Nasturel, which hosts now wonderful collections of rustic pottery and furniture. The Church was founded by Elina Doamna, the wife of Prince Matei Basarab and consecrated for the first time in 1644 but we […]

The Barbu Belu Skete, GiurgiuCod 1050

Goştinari farmyard was raised from the ancestor of all common nation of Bellu, who arrived on the Romanian  land, Great Treasurer and chancellor Stefan Bellu (1767-1833). This  building was built at the end of the eighteenth century and restored in 1818. The  treasurer Stefan, known  also as  Stefanache, is  buried in Bucharest in Radu Voda […]

Dr. A Vianu House, GiurgiuCod 1049

The House was built in the last years of the XIXth century, the Vianu’s family moved to Giurgiu in 1893 and living here until the first World War. In Giurgiu war began on 15 August 1916 and in November the same year, the hole central area was burned including this house. The house was sold […]

Border Police Museum, GiurgiuCod 1048

60 years ago, on 20th of June 1954, it was opened for use the metallic deck bridge over the Danube, linking the cities of Giurgiu and Ruse, called at the  insistence of the Soviets the „Podul Prieteniei“/”Friendship Bridge”, being at that time the biggest combined bridge – road and rail  – in Europe. In The […]

The Statue of Mihai Eminescu in Alei Park, GiurgiuCod 1047

The Statue of Mihai Eminescu is considered the most important statue in terms of artistic work, the work belonging to the sculptor C. Mendrea from 1938. The statue has its base concrete poured the pedestal is of stone, and on it is engraved „EMINESCU 1850-1889’’. Every year, on 15th of January, on the occasion of […]

Alei Park, GiurgiuCod 1046

The construction was requested by Gen. Kiselef in 1830. Alei Park was  arranged over several years from 1831, when the systematization of the city gas begun. In 1840, there were planted 200 limes and also was built a buffet and a pavilion for music. The tradition of music in the park is preserved today. t […]