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Community Center “The Development”, BelogradchikCod 2614

Community Center “Development” was founded in 1893 by three Bulgarian patriots – Savchev, Kubadinov and Cekov. His first name is “Albina”. There was a cinema with its own machinery and theater troupe. Community Centre is a successor of the best of Renaissance traditions. Its motto is: “With tradition and culture in the future.”

Museum of Natural Sciences, BelogradchikCod 2613

The exposure in the Department of Natural Sciences was opened on 10/01/1975. The museum is a place of permanent interest and attention for the tourists which visit the town of Belogradchik and also for the students in the region. Frequent visitors are students, graduates and researchers who find here photographs, documents and summarized data from […]

Clock Tower from the Village of Chuprene, ChupreneCod 2612

Chuprene village clock tower was built in 1899 by a Macedonian craftsman. It is located in the central part of the village. The clock tower was declared a monument of architecture and is one of the main attractions of Chuprene.

Stambol Kapiya Gate, VidinCod 2611

The gate of “Stambol Kapiya” was built in the second half of the eighteenth century when a part of the Vidin city was fortified – was a fortress. That fortress was built between 1690-1720, after the Austro-Turkish wars. It is used during the modern time for its system of fortifications. Stambol Kapiya is the most […]

Community Center “Color”, VidinCod 2610

Community Center “Color” in Vidin is an independent association, self-governed, cultural and educational of the population from Vidin. It was founded on March 25th, 1870. It is located in Central Square on Bd. Dobrich. The community center is a legal entity, with the aim of developing the culture and increasing the intellectual values and to […]

Vidin’s Regional Library, VidinCod 2609

Regional library “Georgiev Mihalachi” in Vidin is currently housed in the former building of the Party Çadır in Central Square on Bd. Dobrich № 1. Today is the largest scientific library, publicly available from Vidin region. The library is founded in 1870, in the town library when there were established the library hall and reading […]

State Puppet Theatre, VidinCod 2608

Vidin’s Puppet Theatre was founded in 1975. It was financed by the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Bulgaria. The theater has its own group of actors which is composed of ten actors, and a technical and administrative crew. It has a hall of 150 seats. Some of the most important events are handwritten, the […]

Fortress Florentiana, FlorentinCod 2607

Florentiana medieval fortress is located about 1 km west of the village of Florentin, in the “Valley of the Turks”, near the Danube. It is assumed that the fortress was built in XII-XIII century and was well preserved until the early nineteenth century. The city entered into the Vidin’s Kingdom of Ivan Sratsimir. 170/5000 Fortification […]

Ratsiaria, ArcharCod 2606

Ratsiaria was a large and important city on the Danube. Its ruins are located in Kale, at 1 km northeast of the present village, Archar (about 27 km. southeast of Vidin). The town was founded during the Roman Empire, and the resolution of the Thracians conflict happened in this place in the late 4th century […]

Roman Fortress “Ad Marum”, KoshavaCod 2605

Roman fort Ad Marum is located south of the village Koshava on the Danube River, at an altitude of 35 meters.