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“Orlyaka” Recreation AreaCod 2644

Orlyaka Recreation Area is located on the Danube riverbank, 4 km northwest of the town of Vidin and Danube. The campsite consists of 30 bungalows and a restaurant. The area is very good for the short rest near the water flow, water sports and fishing. The park is a starting point to visit the town […]

City Garden Kraidunavska, VidinCod 2643

It has a well-established historic character and its original form has been preserved. Built in the landscape style in which are harmoniously fit the bushes (forms characteristic to baroque parks in Austria). This odd mixture of styles – landscape (the bearing nature of english parks alternates with the opened and closed spaces, relying on the […]

“Crown” Cave, OreshetsCod 2642

Crown Cave is the most beautiful of all 121 caves found in the expeditions of the “Bell bats” club. This can be seen in all kinds of secondary calcite formations that nature can create with its unique fantasy. Therefore, it is rightly called, Venice. The length of the cavern is approximately 200 m, where there […]

“Bozhuritsa” Area, SinagovtsiCod 2641

The nearest recreation area for the city of Vidin is the picturesque place “Bozhuritsa”. It is located near the Sinagovtsi, 20 km south of Vidin. This beautiful place is separated only by forest from the northwestern Bulgaria. The name comes from the area of Polish red peonies. Tourist Company “Bononia” – Vidin has a three-storey […]

“Petrov Tserak” Waterfall, TopolovetsCod 2640

“Petrov Tserak” Waterfall is a small waterfall, with a water drop of about 10m. It is located in the village of Kula, municipality of Topolovets, Vidin district, declared a protected area by Order № 407 of July 7th,1982. The road to the waterfall is difficult because there is no direct way and is almost impassable. […]

“Chuprene” Biosphere ReserveCod 2639

“Chuprene” biosphere reserve is a strictly protected area created in 1973 to preserve the pine forests of northern Bulgaria. Approximately 90% of it, is covered with coniferous, deciduous and mixed forests of spruce, beech common, sycamore and birch white, and the rest is occupied by alpine meadows, stone rivers and uninhabited areas. The average age […]

Vrashka ChukkaCod 2638

The height Vrashka is withdrawn in northwestern Bulgaria in the foreground to the west, between Vidin and Serbia. Vrashka isolated height rises in the western part the front part and lies on the border with Serbia between border crossing points 403 and 410. From north to south of the state border the height is divided […]

“Bela Voda” Waterfall, BelogradchikCod 2637

“Bela Voda” Waterfall is located on the River “Stakevska” in northwestern Stara Planina near the village of Stakevtsi, Belogradchik municipality. Its height is about 15 meters (two waterfalls) and is in a very nice location. In 1976 it was declared a natural monument and was included in the longest ecological route of the Western Balkans. […]

Drama Theater “Vladimir Trendafilov”, VidinCod 2636

In 1879 in Vidin was founded the company for charity theatre “Vida”. The first performances were held in so-called “National Café” within the manorial neighborhood. The “Vida” theatre was built in 1891 with funds raised from the Organization for “Construction of Vida theatre”, founded in 1887 by an initiative committee. This is the first building […]

Danubia Beach, SimeonovoCod 2635

“Danubia” is a unique vacation complex, situated on the absolute forefront of the Danube river, in the picturesque village Tsar Simeon, near the town of Vidin. An apartment hotel with outdoor pool, restaurant, bar, beautifully landscaped garden, fine sandy beach, own boat dock. Elegantly furnished studios and apartments offer the comforts of home with all […]