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Midzhur Peak, VidinCod 2654

Midzhur Mountain(in serbian: Miџor or Midžor), has 2168 meters altitude, and it is the leader of Mount Chiprovskaa, a part of western Stara Planina. Located at the border between Bulgaria (Vidin Region) and Serbia, it is the highest peak of Serbia (outside the disputed region of Kosovo). From its foot originate the rivers Lom and […]

Chuprene Beeches, VidinCod 2653

Chuprene Beeches is a protected area in the district of Vidin located in villages Stakevtsi, Gorni Lom, and Chuprene Repleana, Vidin. On October 2nd, 1986 has been established the buffer zone of the reserve “Chuprene” on an area of 542.3 hectares, which on 12th of July 2007 by order of Minister Chakarov is classified as […]

“The Magic Circle” over Varbovo, VarbovoCod 2652

If you are looking for the unexplained mystical knowledge, the circle is a phenomenonwhich you need to see, personally. It is located on the limestone hill above the village of Varbovo. One half is in the forest, and the other half in an area with grass. Its contours are very accurate in the peripheral forest, […]

The Area Near Belogradchik “Planina, Burgas”, BologradchikCod 2651

“Planina Burgas” includes a hill on the outskirts of village, and part of the Belogradchik rocks on which it is built the television tower. In the red and white sandstone rocks, millions of years old, are seen hundreds of rocks full of rusty metal parts that stand against the cliff. Obviously that the metals are […]

Petroglyphs in Belogradchik, BelogradchikCod 2650

Basically rock shrines are built on a high rock platforms. At the site were cut and some very subtle and complex images. One represents the eight-pointed structure, consisting of two concentric circles. On the periphery, they are surrounded by small holes in the rock. On the left side there are twenty-four holes on the part […]

The Sacred Complex of Lipenik, BelograchikCod 2649

“The sacred complex of Lipenik” (like Chachin “Stone Sanctuary”), is, probably an old unstudied site of worship, about 5 km from the town of Belogradchik, (Vidin District). The rock massive, which is placed near the complex altar, is across the natural rock reserves, like a rock hill, visible above the southern, eastern and western skyline. […]

“Anishte” Zone, GraniceakCod 2648

With great cultural and historical significance and subject of mass tourist visits is a place called “Anishte” which is next to the road Salas – Belogradchik, 2 km east of the village Graniceak, Vidin. Here are the remains of ancient destroyed settlements, representing a separate building that has 4 rooms. There were found numerous fragments […]

Pine Stone, BorovitsaCod 2647

Pine Stone, known as “Borovitza stone” or “Borovitza Scale” is a majestic stone monument with an aesthetic value, located on north of Borovitsa, Vidin district (43.59074, 22.73084). It is part of an ensemble of rocks and is built of mainland red sandstone, formed about 220 million ago. It was declared a natural monument in 1976. […]

Rock Formations in Yanyovets, YanyovetsCod 2646

The rock formations in the area of the Falkovets hamlet, Lovech from the village of Yanyovets are very impressive and are similar to the Cliffs of Belogradchishki.

„Kozarnika“ Cave , Stara PlaninaCod 2645

„Kozarnika“ is the name of a cave in Stara Planina, Municipality of Belogradchik, Bulgaria. It is located between the town of Belogradchik and Oreşeţ, Haskovo. Its total length is of 210m. Since 1996 in the cave have been conducted excavations organized by the Institute of Archaeology of the Academy of Sciences in Sofia, Bulgaria and […]