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“St. Trinity” Church, BorovitsaCod 2674

The only remnant of the ancient village church, “St. Trinity” was built in 1866, and is located 2.5 km away from the village of Borovitsa, to the west. We have here frescoes, icons and a wooden altar. The high bell tower rises above the picturesque valley among the rocks and woods. Within the church is […]

Church of St. George, OreshetsCod 2673

The church of “St. George” is located in the south and is the largest from Oreshets village, Haskovo, near the forest which covers areas the northern areas of the mountain. According to local tradition, the church was built in early nineteenth century on the foundations of an older temple. There is also a legend about […]

“St. Paraskeva” Church, Gorni LomCod 2672

The medieval church of “St. Paraskeva” is located in the eastern end of the village of Gorni Lom, 100 m to the right of the road, before entering the village. There is no exact information about the moment of the initial construction of the temple. About this, experts have different opinions. Tsuhlev Dimitar church historian […]

“St. John the Baptizer” Church, VarbovoCod 2671

“St. John the Baptizer” Church is not far from the center of Varbovo. According to the data from the archives of Vidin, the diocese is aware that Varbovo church already existed since 1600, according to a commemorative inscription inside the nave which is known to be written in 1652. In 1898, the narthex it was […]

The Church ”Bashovishka”, Oreshets, HaskovoCod 2670

Bashovishka medieval church is located about three kilometers from the church of “St. George” in Oreshets, Haskovo, in “Bashevitsa”, near the road to Belograd. Located on the left bank of the river Skomlyanska at the foot of the mountain. Today, this ancient temple is ruined, its walls in some places reach about 2m. The vegetation […]

Izvorski Monastery “Assumption of the Virgin”, VidinCod 2669

Izvorski monastery is located 2 km south of Izvor village, 9 km away from the town of Dimov and approximately 40 km from the city of Vidin. Monastery Izvorski can be reached on the main road (E79) from Vidin to Montana. The legend says that Izvorski monastery was founded in the 12th century by Russian […]

The Church of “St. Pantelimon”, VidinCod 2668

Съществува от началото на 17-ти век или по-рано. Намира се в крепостта Калето. През 1560 г. видинските мюсюлмани се оплакват на султана, че богослужението в българска църква им “пречи” на молитвите в съседната джамия. Наскоро след това “случайно” българският храм изгорява, но после е възстановен. Вероятно се отнася за църквата “Св. Пантелеймон”. Църквата е еднокорабна […]

The Church of “St. Petka”, VidinCod 2667

“St. Petka” is a church in Vidin, opposite the “the barracks of Cross”, the museum of the fortified part of the old town. It is a cultural monument of local importance. According to the inscription from above the church, the entrance door was built on ancient Slavic foundations since 1634 and the inscription above the […]

Racovitsa Monastery of “St. Trinity”, RacovitsaCod 2666

Rakovitsa Monastery of “St. Trinity” is located at the foot of Chernoglav Mountain in the western part, about 4 km from the village of Rakovica and 50 km southwest of Vidin, close to the border with Serbia. The remotest historical data of the monastery are quite limited, founded in X-XI century. After the fall of […]

Cave Monastery, AlbotinCod 2665

The Monastery of Albotin is an inactive monastery from the Diocese of Vidin, 20 kilometers west of Vidin (near the villages of Rabrovo, Topolovets and Gradec) in Katarino in Rabrovska River gorge, the Danube Plain. Historical data and the remains of frescoes, inscriptions and experts suggest that the monastery of the XIV century in the […]