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Bike Trail Belogradchik – Borovitza – FalkovetsCod 2684

Distance: 16,4km, general travel + 395 m, -633m; Intermediary level.Departure is in the center of Belogradchik. The road passes through light ascents and enters the hill. Be careful at the first significant deviation to the right when the path marked with blue is a separate from the one marked in red. Go down through the […]

Bike Trail Belogradchik-Dubravka-Veshtitsa-RabishaCod 2683

Distance is 22 km, the total travel + 352 m, -656 m; Intermediary level.The route starts from the fortress, a small monument after the castle, and goes exactly through the pine forest. After a short walk follows the steep trails, on the right after the intersection. The route passes by the main ridge, there are […]

Bike Trail Belogradchik – Lepenitsa Cave – IzvosCod 2682

Distance: 16,4km, general travel 180 m, -391m; Intermediary level.Departure is from the center of Belogradchik. The road climbs and enters the hill easily. Be careful when you leave to the first significant entry on the right where the blue trail is divided with the red one. Goes down through the woods. It follows another important […]

Bike Trail Belogradchik – Time Route, BelogradchikCod 2681

Distance: 18.7 km, + 643 total displacement m, -663 m; Intermediary level.The route starts from the old fortress Kale. From around it is the exactly entrance into the pine forest. In the distance, a few hundred meters away, the road passes through short, but steep, curves. If you go on the left of the road, […]

Bike Trail Belogradchik – Salas – Praujda – BelogradchikCod 2680

Distance: 45,2km, general travel + 1 146 m, -1169m; Level – hard.The route starts from the old fortress of Kale. Immediately after the castele is the entering in to the pine forest. Beware of the steep descent route. Descend sharply to the right and then sharply to the left, on a level road. The route […]

Base of Canoeing, VidinCod 2679

Since opening in 1970, base of canoeing in Vidin is one of the most modern training facilities for rowers in Bulgaria. Over the past seven years, Bulgarian rowers from Vidin, have won 130 medals. Athletes successes are visible to everyone, but unfortunately now the state of the sports complex is extremely worse. However, every day […]

The Hippodrome, VidinCod 2678

The racetrack is built on the fortification wall of the city and its main gate is the original door, which is part of the city wall.

Sport Hall “Festival”, VidinCod 2677

After a thorough modernization the hall “Festival” from Vidin is heated with air conditioning, it has a new modern lighting, new flooring, medical office, toilets, changing rooms and a room for the arbitrators.

The Stadium “Georgi Benkovski”, VidinCod 2676

The stadium “Georgi Benkovski” in Vidin city was opened on June 18th 1961. It has a capacity of 15,000 spectators. It is located in the western part of Vidin, close to the boulevard “Pannonia”. It has 2 auxiliary fields and 200 parking places. It has 1,500 new seats on the new benches and new spare […]

The Mosque “Hadji Hussein”, BelogradchikCod 2675

The mosque “Hadji Hussein” is a monument of local importance. Built in 1751, it is remarkable for its sculptures from Bulgaria. This is the only mosque in the country, with a ceiling of wood carving in Bulgaria. It is currently under restoration. In the town operates the only museum of natural science in northwestern Bulgaria, […]