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“Magura” Cave, RabishaCod 2634

“Magura” cave is situated in northwestern Bulgaria, 25 km from the town of Belogradchik. This was formed in the limestone mound of Rabisha (461 m ASL), which represents a small grotto, a remnant of the mantle of Mesozoic Belogradchik. The basis grotto is made of Triassic, colored with red sandstone above, in which are the […]

Rabisha Karstic Lake, BelogradchikCod 2633

It is situated in Belogradchik district, at some 40km away from Vidin, close to the Rabisha hill, and next to Magura cave. Local legends say that in the past people believed that all sorts of creatures, genuine lake monsters, lived in the waters of Rabisha’s lake, and folk stories, more or less terrible, similar to […]

Entertainment Park Belogradchik Rocks, BelogradchikCod 2632

It represent a natural, maybe the most attractive and intriguing phenomenon in Bulgaria, due to their unusual strange shapes, arranged in three groups – Adam and Eve, Horse Rider, the Castle, the Bear, the Schoolgirl, the Madonna, the Camel, the Mushrooms (located in the eastern part of the town) and Borich, Eyupriya (lying to the […]

Community Centre “Velyo Burdashki”, IzvorCod 2631

Community center “Velyo Burdashki” is a community center, registered under number 1231 at the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Bulgaria. Activities: library – 9,700 volumes.

Community Center “National Leaders”, Oreșeț, HaskovoCod 2630

Community Center “National leaders” is a community center, registered under number 1232 at the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Bulgaria. Activities: choirs; library – 15 976 volumes.

Community Centre “Education”, ArcharCod 2629

”Education” Community Center is a community center, registered under number 908 at the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Bulgaria. Activities: Library – 11 396 volumes.

The Fortress System Kaleto, VidinCod 2628

The necessity of an additional fortification of Vidin, which after the year 1718 became a border city for the Ottoman empire has made the High Porte to build in Vidin the so-called “Kale” for a period of 30 years (1690 – 1720) – fortress walls which encircle the city in every direction. That fortress system […]

Felix Romuliana – The residence of Emperor GaleriusCod 2627

One of the most attractive historical sites is the late Roman archaeological complex Gamzigrad with the fortress Felix Romuliana, located at about 11 km from the town of Zajecar. The palace was built upon the order of Emperor Gaius Valerius Galerius Maximianus (297-311) at the end of the III century AD and the beginning of […]

International Fest Salash, Novo KoritoCod 2626

It is held every year from 19-21 July at the passage of Kady boaz, that can be found right between the Bulgarian village Salash and the Serbian village Novo Korito.

Folk Fest “From Timok to Iskar”, BelogradchikCod 2625

The Folk Fest is held under the name “From Timok to Iskar”. You can marvel the dances on a stage in between the unique Belogradchik rocks.