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The Holy Trinity Church, CorabiaCod 1609

The parish church “Holy Trinity” is a true cathedral, appreciated by its size to be the second one of the parish churches of Oltenia after “Madona Dudu” of Craiova and the largest in Olt county. It is the most imposing architectural construction of Danube town and was built on a swamp over a hundred years ago. Local people carried baskets with consecrated ground from another part of city until they have covered the swamp. The works were executed under the “command” famous engineer Anghel Saligny. The church has six towers, from architectural point of view identical to those of the Church “St. Elias” in Craiova, but much larger. The belfry is inside the middle tower from the sanctuary’s pediment, above the narthex, having installed a clock. Since the revolution, the clock stoped at hour 7:15. Priest Ion Nețoi, protopresbyter parish, says that, when it functioned, clock from the tower had beatings at fixed hours something uncommon in plain area.

Renaissance painting was executed by Pascal C. and N. Grimani from Bucharest. Woodwork, oak made, was artistically sculpted by Joseph Obdrzalek, great Czech master who, in fact, made replicas of sculptures from Amzei Church in Bucharest. The same craftsman made also the wonderful pews and jets whose projects are kept in the parish archives, after which he settled in Corabia. The church was endowed with valuable religious objects and goods purchased from the National Exhibition of 1907, held in the Park “Carol” in Bucharest. Among the donations made by christians in the church there is an icon donated by Maria Antonescu – placed prominently – gesture motivated by the impression left by the church choir whose performance has assisted during a visit to Corabia. Inside the church are Catholic, Greek Catholic, Orthodox, icons, as a sign of mutual respect between doctrine. Earthquakes in 1940 and 1977 have also affected cathedral, but each time has been strengthened and repaired. After the March 1977 earthquake, along with repairs and enhancements made,   heating was introduced,  the furniture was cleaned and  the painting was restored  by I. Keber, valuable painter restorer, who focused very much on leaving intact the ancient patina of the frescoes.

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