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The Zoo from Călăraşi, CălăraşiCod 1247

One of the biggest Zoos from Romania, as it is concerned the land surface on which it is situated, as well as the number of species, of which some are unique in the country. The only zoo from Romania which reproduces the jaguar, the Siberian tiger and the Emu ostrich, owning unique specifies, such as the hippopotamus and the Alaska bears (grizzly).

The Zoo from Călărași owns an impressive number of species of animal, mammals, birds, exotic fish, exotic reptiles, etc.

In the zoo there are admired: lions, Siberian tigers, leopards, jaguars, hippopotamus, small Vietnamese pigs, Alaska, Tibetan bears, dog ape monkeys with cloaks, deer (Carpathian, fallow deer), mouflons, llamas, chinchilla, white hedgehogs; a great variety of exotic birds, pelicans, swans (white, black), parrots (Nymph, the little and great Alexander, curly petus, small parrots), peacocks, pheasants (golden, silver), Pleiades, guinea fowls, wild ducks and geese, Nile goose, storks, mountain cock, small seagulls, ostriches (emu, African, nandu), hawks (vultures, pigeon hawks, owls), exotic, decorative fish, piranha; exotic reptiles, snakes, pitons (rocky, Burma, Indian, Carpet), boa (Rainbow), Royal snake, scaled lizards, green Iguana, Nile crocodile, green turtles, tarantulas, etc.

It has been founded in 1980, at the 1st of June and it has been opened under the administration of Gheorghe Tatavura who brought a few species of mammals (wild and domestic), as well as a collection of exotic birds which belonged to him.

Starting with 1990, at the Zoo from Călărași there are hosted unique animals in Romania, thing which is owed to the changes of animals between the Zoo from Călărași and other such locations from abroad. In 10 years there have been obtained over 60 copies of Siberian tigers and jaguars. Part of these tigers arrived to the “Globus circus”, where they are tamed and they participate at shows.

The zoo from Călărași can take pride with the fact that in the last years it reproduced over 50 Siberian tigers, the institution representing a space which ensures the perpetuation of the species in captivity – The Farm from Bărăgan.

The Zoo from Călărași is an “exporter’ for the other zoos from Romania. A pair of unique animals in the country is formed by the bears from Alaska (grizzly), which has over 1, 2 tones of weight and which were part of the collection of Nicolae Ceaușeșcu, after 1990 arriving at Călărași.

The newest construction in the Zoo from Călărași is the “Aquaterrarium”, construction which totalizes a collection of aquatic animals: exotic fish, exotic reptiles, snakes, crocodiles, etc.


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