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Archaeological Exhibition “Lapidarium”, MotanaCod 2099

Lapidary – archaeological exhibition is a place where the stones are sorted by archaeological importance – statues, stone plates with epigraphs, architectural details such as columns, friezes.
The exhibition is part of the Historical Museum of Montana and was opened in 2001.
Lapidary – archaeological exhibition is located in beautiful park of the Garden Priest near the church “St. Cyril and Methodius”, just few minutes away from Mihailov House. The exhibition includes fifty-six archaeological monuments found in the region. Can be seen inscriptions almost invisible, monuments, which are the only source. Most information testify about the history and culture of the people who once lived on these lands. The inscriptions provide information about the culture and history of the region from the periods after the second century, our era. There are exhibited many artifacts testifying to the worship of ancient gods – Diana (protector of Montana town), Apollo, Hygeia and others. Some of the exhibits are related to the different Roman emperors, rulers and other leaders who were ever in the province of Lower Moesia and the region.

Some of the inscriptions attest the local population belief in Diana, considered the goddess and patron of the city, in Apollo and many other deities. Some plates attest the Roman emperors who ever led wars for control of Moesia and the region, as well as armor and works of military objects – people serving and even ordinary people.
The monuments have been declared cultural and historical values, and for their research are conducted various scientific expeditions in order to clarify the origin and the information written on them.

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