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Museum of Ethnography, DrăcșaniCod 1534

The Ethnography Museum from Drăcșani was established in 1971 having as profile the local history. It belongs to the category of municipal museum. Exhibits items of ethnography and local history.

The museum building was constructed in 1926.

Within the museum there are:

– Drăcşenei archaeological discoveries in the village;

– objects of agricultural purpose;

– household objects;

– various paintings and icons;

– traditional costumes;

– ancient weapons;

– old coins;

– household objects.

Within the museum’s courtyard there is also the Monument of the Heroes killed in the conflict of the Second World War. On the body of the monument are highlighted the names of all heroes.

Drăcșani is a village in Drăcșenei commune in Teleorman County, in Muntenia region, România. The village Dracașni arose from deforestation of a small part of the vast forest of Deliorman by Dragu and Ana (Ana’s Dragu), who prepared the ground for plowing and cattle grazing.  These attracted by the beauty of nature, by creek Burdea by good drinking water, as well as the fertility of the soil, have dug on this place the first hovel, around which were dug, later new human settlements with the name: Dragu-Ana, where later: Drăguşani, and then: Drăcșani. Drăcșenei is a commune in Teleorman county, in Muntenia region, România, made up of villages Drăcșani, Drăcșenei (residence), Odobeasca and Satul Vechi.

According to the census conducted in 2011, the population of the commune Drăcșenei amounts up to 1.791 inhabitants, down from the previous census in 2002, when it had registered 2,127 inhabitants. Most inhabitants are Romanian (95.53%), with a minority of Roma people (1.68%). For 2.68% of the population, ethnicity is not known. In terms of confessional, most people are Orthodox (96.48%). For 2.96% of the population the confessional belonging is unknown. On August 15th, along with the feast of Assumption of the Virgin is celebrated, annually, the Commune Day.

Within the village there are 4 schools:

– the school with classes I-VIII Drăcșani;

– the school with classes I-IV Drăcșenei;

– the school with classes I-IV Odobeasca;

– the kindergarten Drăcșenei.

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